19 Y/O First Cycle, Need Advice

Hello everybody,
I’d like to ask some advice for my first cycle. I’m not planning on taking any other anabolic anytime soon aside from Test C. I’m starting off a 6-week ONLY Test C cycle. I’d like some advice about this I already know what I will be doing but more experienced opinions would be highly appreciated. I’ve been working out since I was about 15 now so it’s been over 4 years since I started weightlifting. My body info is
156 pounds, 5’9, Male,
I would say anywhere from 11-13% body fat, Muscular build.
315 deadlift x10 reps
225 squat x10 reps
I don’t barbell bench press due to shoulder issues but my flat dumbbell bench press is 90lb pairs for 8 reps
I’ll be taking 1 ml once a week for weeks 1-2
For weeks 3-6 I’ll be taking 1.5 ml once a week
For my PCT I’ll ONLY be taking a non-steroidal test booster, estrogen blocker as well as liver support.
I’d like this to be my only cycle for a VERY LONG TIME ,probably till I’m middle age when I’ll actually medically need steroids (if ever even have to) in order to prevent serious hormonal issues due to my young age. I’d like some experienced opinions on this and if this one short cycle could be harmful to me in the future. Please let me know what do you guys think and I’m not planning on “stacking” because as I said before I’d like to limit my natural hormonal changes at such a young age since I’m still developing. Opinions? Comments? Suggestions? Please and Thank you

Where are you getting your information about a cycle? Test c will take 2 weeks to kick in and 2 weeks to leave your body. A “PCT” consisting of natural store bought test boosters and estrogen blockers will not work for you. First off you need something for during your cycle to prevent gyno. Then you also need nolva and clomid as a PCT. 6 week cycle will not do much for you besides shut you down.

What do you mean by “shut me down”? Wouldn’t stacking or taking other Things you said like clomid mess up my hormones even more. I’m trynna be as safe as possible and not mess up my hormones and shit for the future. I dont know too much about it yet since it’s my first cycle

Dude. No.

I know exactly what you’re going through and you probably seen someone or heard some friends go through a cycle and thought “oh fuck yeah sounds like a great idea”
You’re 19 man, your body is going through so many changes with growth, hormones and everything else in between it, believe me for someone who has trained for 4 years, those numbers aren’t anywhere where they need to be
As a natty, you should easily be in the 2/3/4 bracket of bench/dead/squat before you think about injecting or orally putting chemicals in your body
Believe me man, I was so hype on the gain train but steroids aren’t something you just naturally ease off.
If you aren’t going to take advice, go to the docs and get your bloods done
That’ll tell you your t levels and give you a guideline of how much you need.
Why test c and only 6 weeks?
Do you know about pct and AI’s?
Do you have a reliable source?
What’s your workout plan and diet like?
No one can stop you from doing this, but we all have been around the tracks enough to advise you that if you’re asking these questions as you did, you probably aren’t ready, as I was a while ago.
Best advice I ever got was the brutally harsh
Do research, have a solid foundation of a workout plan and diet, and go from there

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Hell Fucking NO!!!


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