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19 Y/O. Been Seriously Lifting for 4 Months

I used to be very skinny…I eat for year a whole lot of fat. And now I’m trying to change it to muscle. It’s been a year now. But only seriously lifting for a bout 3 - 4 months with a program and everything. Please tell me honestly what u think

I know I’m still kinda fat and everything. But I always want to higher up my weight and bulk because I dont want to be skinny again. I’ve been it for my entire life…

Thanks in advance
Hope u all achieve ur goals

Post better pics. Unpumped pics and better lighting. Hard to say anything based off what you posted.

Those new photos are slightly better as all we can see is your chest, abdomen, and partial shoulders. Looks like you have some nice chest development coming along and also looks like you are leaning out. Not sure what you are looking for as far as feedback but nice progress.

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