19 y/o After 50lb Weight Loss


and one more. I didnt think this one posted so I posted another, sorry about that. I guess its slow to come up.

Doing an Lsit

Good work so far! Do you have any pics before the 50 pound weight loss?

closer Lsit

this is one where I was 200, im now 155

wow thats very impressive bud - how tall are you man … 50pounds is quite a feet to accomplish - how long did this take you

Im 5’9-5’10. I lost the 50 lbs pretty quick, id say 5 months! But its work to just maintain at this weight.

well dude id say u gotta start building more muscle now - u lost the fat great - now bulk clean - build some quality muscle -and then cut again - it’ll be a lot easier to cut now that youve cut most of the fat … plus the extra muscle will prolly burn a bit of fat in the long run

I’m a fighter so never will get into the whole bodybuilding/isolating muscles thing. I do rosstraining at the moment.

By fighter do you mean your’e a thug or you fight MMA?

[quote]andruw_doucette wrote:
By fighter do you mean your’e a thug or you fight MMA?[/quote]
Or maybe you mean “I’m a fighter, not a lover”.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Good job getting leaner, now adding some muscle would be a good idea.