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19 y/o 196lbs


Couple pics of me more to come


how can i upload more photos on this post?








maybe it's just bad angles, but your delts look non-existant compared to your arms, chest, and traps.


p.s. post required pics, or no one will rate you or give constructive feed-back.



x2 more side delt work, and stop training traps for a while


LOL... why in the world would someone stop training a bodypart?

You still need to add mass everywhere so keep hitting everything hard.


Symmetry and aesthetics. He's already a big kid.


I wouldnt stop training it but i will start to focus more on side delt


post a pic from a distance


You seem to have a good physique so post some decent shots, not this Myspace angle bullshit. Please and thanks.




nice post, keep up the good work.


i think all sections of your delt could stand to improve against that full chest and traps O_o


I disagree, traps can never be to big.


hahahaha pure fucking gem, big traps are pretty powerful looking, but RV youre so broad your traps really couldnt be to big!


RV has small traps.


Thanks :slight_smile: