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19, Winstrol Only Cycle

I’ve been researching about winni a lot, and I realize that there are many risks taking it alone orally, but I guess I’m to naive to care, I plan on taking 50 mg a day for 6 weeks, followed by pct. would run this cycle with test but I don’t have enough $ at the moment. Im looking for a hard, dry lean look. I’m almost at the end of my cut so that’s why I’ve decided to start the cycle. What I really want to to know is if anyone here did a cycle of winni alone orally and if so what was the outcome.


If you’re short on cash then save your money. You will lose everything you gained on an oral only cycle shortly after you finish it and all you will be is a bit more short on cash with a slightly more damaged liver.

Plus the whole, you’re too young, etc.

Give it at least 2-3 more years, learn more, train more, by then you will hopefully be less naive and able to afford some test.

Cutting is all about diet. Stay away from the drugs. Shutting down your HPTA at 19 so you can look “swole” for summer is a stupid ass/immature reason to do a cycle of winstrol. Educate yourself