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19 - Two Years Working Out

Hey guys, please feel free to give me some critiscm or whatever, I feel quite content with my body at the moment, but kinda want to cut some bodyfat.

LOL. Too easy.


( begin sarcasim ) will this ever stop being funny! (end sarcasim)

Heres the thing. You don’t need to worry about cutting body fat. You have a pretty low body fat, if you were holding a shoe, I could probably guess you’re at about 11.59243% body fat, which means though you have to cut about to 3.5234524% to be in best condition.

But seriously, give us some stats, your lifts, your goals, your workout and diet plan in my opinion, I’d eat a lot and squat and deadlift until you can’t do it anymore, then do it some more.

i check out all the top rated pictures first, then come to this and see the face…i can’t help but crack up.

Do people like you even read the site before you throw up pictures?

This was a question.

Wow, lots of hating here. Sorry, just wanted some advice etc. I lift 3 times a week, my diet isnt what it should be though. Here are some back shots…


I held a shoe up to the screen, it is not as accurate as if you’d been holding one in your pictures but it is accurate enough for me to discern that you are one skinny fucker.

You don’t need to cut, you are already lean.

You said it yourself “my diet is not what it should be” - sort it out. There is your advice.

Oh, and train your legs if you’re not already.

So, tell me. What have you been doing for two years?

[quote]OJS888 wrote:
Wow, lots of hating here. Sorry, just wanted some advice etc. I lift 3 times a week, my diet isnt what it should be though. Here are some back shots…[/quote]

It’s not hating, we just find this stuff funny. This site is all about building strength and muscle. When you skinny guys show up and ask how to lose weight we can’t help but flame and laugh.

Do some research here. Read all the sticky threads in the beginners forum (YES! You are a beginner!). Take a set of pics now for later reference. When you build up some actual muscle mass you can post about the before and after transformation. ONLY THEN will you get respect around here.

In the meantime here is my advice:

Increase your intake of protein and healthy fats.

Don’t forget post workout nutrition: a big shake of whey protein, sugars and creatine.

Focus every workout around the big, compound, multi-joint lifts (e.g. Squat, deadlift, bench, rows, OH press, dips and chins)

Incorporate progressive overload (i.e. more weight or more reps or more sets or less rest every week)

You’ve been at this for two years so you show the desire to succeed. Train your brain, develop a solid training/nutrition plan, then execute it with intensity and consistency.

The bottom line is the old cliche:

To BE big, you must EAT big and LIFT big.

After you’ve read through some of the articles linked in Vroom’s “Are you a beginner” thread feel free to get back to us with any specific questions. We want you to succeed and we will help you to succeed. So get started.

[quote]OJS888 wrote:
but kinda want to cut some bodyfat.[/quote]

… from where???

you need to cut bodyfat from a pig. then fry it. then eat it. it’s a traditional hungarian dish. fried pig fat. you should eat it every morning. add 6 pork chops to the rest of the day but otherwise keep doing what you are doing.

Can we screen these kinds of submissions? I’m actually trying to achieve some goals and learn and prosper from the knowledge obtained from T-Nation, but this shit just clutters things up.

Listen 19 year old stud…As it was said before, this is about BUILDING strength, size, and health. Cutting would be DESTRUCTIVE to all of these things. Get your head on straight.

Hey skinny-guy,

Which is it: are you content with your body or do you want to shed some body fat?

[quote]Kruiser wrote:
Some sound advice and a good response.


Thanks for the back shots, it really helped me to formulate my response to your questions.

Start working out. I don’t know what you call what you’ve been doing for 2 years, but start working out.

Eat more, not less. You need about 20-30 lbs. of lean body mass just to look like you work out.

Lastly, check your comfort with yourself at the door. These are some pictures of some skinny kid that’s worked out for a few months. If you want some glowing comments instead of flames, you should have posted on bb.com.

Good Luck.


sorry Im new here and Im not big enough to comment on 98% of the pics on here, neither do I know jack about jack. But I do know that this:
Im 17, have been training maybe twice a week for the last month just to sort of keep away the flab of my lazy life style, and Im where you are now. Only difference is your abs are a bit more defined. Otherwise its like looking at myself.
And just a few questions:

  1. why are you standing like that?
  2. do you own a belt? (if so, use it)
  3. 2 years…? really?

[quote]vivalabarry wrote:
And just a few questions:

  1. why are you standing like that?
  2. do you own a belt? (if so, use it)
  3. 2 years…? really?[/quote]
  1. He wasn’t aware that T-Nation is like a donut shop for the Posture Police.
  2. He’s wearing one already, officer.
  3. No, he was lying so you don’t arrest him for juicing.

Save the sarcasm, just make yourself useful and see if those guns of his are licensed.