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19, Stopping After First Injection 250ml

19 years and did my first pin 2 days ago regretted everything after shooting 250 iu hcg couldn’t take it the anxiety, pinning in ur room while ur parents are downstairs, cried like a lil bitch too,

might rethink this when im around 21-23
Enanthate btw

So my question is : Will my testosterone levels never be the way they were before? Im afraid that my Hpta wont be the same…

Im going to do a Pct with Clomid/nolva 3-4 weeks
then later on just stay on small dose of clomid to stimulate spermotegenesis

Also the injection and everything went great but i just cant do this cuz of personal reasons.

So i took

  1. 250mg test e
    2 250 hcg iu

all in the span of two days

First of all calm down haha - nothing will change from one test shot and 2 hcg shots.
DO NOT do the PCT you suggested - this will just mess up your system.
You are 19 and you will recover completely fine from this.
To clear your head, take 1 bottle of Alpha Male until you are done - this will boost your natural testosterone levels and will re set any possible change from the one shot (there is very likely zero issue to correct by the way - you basically took nothing). It will make you feel better overall though and will correct the 0.01% that could have been altered from the shot.
Side note - you are 19…make sure your training, diet, supplements, cardio etc are all on on point and that you have maxed out your natural growth and potential before you even consider juice.
Go read all 3 of my threads and then talk to me when you are ready to go.
Don’t stress out man - you’ll be just fine.

Kudos to Shadow_Pro for the nonjudgmental reply. You’re obviously not ready, which is not only nothing to be ashamed of, but based on your age and experience, is probably the best thing for you.
After all, if done improperly, AAS can cause serious long term problems. Also, if you live in the US, regardless of your opinion, they are illegal.
So don’t feel too bad about pulling the plug. Dedicate yourself to perfecting your training and diet, and you’ll be more fulfilled and appreciative of hard work and commitment.