19 nordiol

I have 23 100mg 19nordiol pills left from a botlle I had been using from a few months ago. Let me start by saying I cant afford to buy any more. How would you recomend I use the remaining pills (dosage, frequency, etc)? I have also heard that drinking grapefruit juice before taking prohormones is effective. Is this true? Would you recomend it? Does it increase side effects? Thank you in advance for any advice you may have.

Still wondering what to do. I just didnt want my question to get lost in the background.

Take 10 one day and 13 the next, you might feel a tickle. Otherwise you don’t have enough to do shit. You may get a good work out in from it. Taking 100 to 200 mg a day is useless, you need high doses to make a difference. I’d just take them all at once so you can chuck the bottle.

I asked this question a while ago and never really got a response can someone please help me - Thanks