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19-Nor-Diol Question

I have a question regarding 19-Nor-Diol and prostate health. I’ve used Nandrosol (which was 19-Nor-Diol) in the past with good results and no apparent negative side effects. However, I was just reading the bottle of a 19-Nor-Diol product and it said that people who are at risk for prostate cancer should not use it.

I’m 29 and, as far as I know, have a perfectly healthy prostate. However, my father had prostate cancer surgery two years ago, when he was 61 (they caught it very early, and he’s fine now), his half-brother – they have the same father – had it in his mid-seventies (he’s been successfully treated with hormone therapy), and their father (my grandfather) had prostate cancer, but he must’ve gotten it much later in life, as he died at 93 of other, unrelated things (it wasn’t the prostate cancer that killed him – it hadn’t even gotten to a dangerous stage yet). I’m wondering if this makes me “at-risk” enough that I need to avoid an otherwise very safe, low-androgen prohormone such as 19-Nor-Diol. Any opinions?


Anyone at all?

This is a good question for Cy Wilson and I recommend you direct it to him or send t-mag an email.

Mike Mahler