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19-nor DHEA Similar Risks?

Hey guys, I’m planning on running a couple months of the PH Decabolin by hi-tech it’s a DHEA 19-nor.
I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about permanent neuro and endocrine damage with 19 nor use and wondering if that would also hold true to the newer PH’s.

19-NorAndrost-4-ene-3b-ol, 17-one Decanoate 75mg

I know the molecular structures are changed and the company says most of the negative sides are not an issue as with real deca but that’s very vague.
Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

This is a designer drug, it can be assumed the neurological effects stemming from nandrolone usage are dose dependent… it can also be assumed via downstream mechanisms/ conversion pathways that 19-nor dhea will produce identical (and many other new) metabolites associated with nandrolone induced neurological dysregulation

However this may not be the case, as with all in researched designer drugs… use at you’re own risk

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There is this old saying, if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. Remember the guy selling you the dhea is trying to sell you dhea. So of course it’s the best thing ever, stronger than 5000mgs a week of tren, no sides, your dick will grow at LEAST another 6 inches and to top it off if you bust nuts on your girlfriends chest she will end up with perfectly round and perky FF cups. It’s the shit man!
Seriously I went off for a minute but remember he is trying to sell you the thing so he won’t say anything but positive stuff. Even researching your own info chances are the guys making it and selling it have flooded the net so you would need to be on the tenth page of the Google search to find something they didn’t put out.
Now there is a chance it’s good to go. We all know there has to be some negative possible side effects. The thing is it is still new and even though stuff like the “clear” was once new and turned out to be the shit, your thing isnt backed up by a doctor who is trying to help professional athletes. If you get it you will essentially be your own guinea pig. There is nothing wrong with that if you choose to from a position with as much info as you can get, I just question how much info you can get. This modern market is flooded with new and crazy stuff that is too new to know anything about then the next generation comes out so then the focus is on that. The thing with traditional AAS is they were almost all once used or intended to be used as medicine and they have years of use to use a reference to guide your choice.

I know dhea was actually left off the prohormone/steroid ban in 2005 I think. They left it off because even though it is in the steroid family it doesn’t return any serious or any results at all. Old people can use it to feel more youthful or less old as crap. So it doesn’t surprise me they are modifying it for anabolics returns. I saw on my sources price sheet a whole page of dhea variations and I just had no idea what to even think. They didn’t classify them as prohormone or SARMs or anything just their own page.

If you are really itching to try it make sure to have some liver support.(assume it’s orally taken) I wish there was a way to test the water without actually consuming it.

Save yourself some money and use it on more food instead. You’ll get more out of it and you’ll avoid taking something that will potentially throw your hormones out of whack. That stuff is snake oil anyway. And it’s a good thing that it won’t really work, because if it did then running it solo would probably result in you having some nice erectile dysfunction.