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19-Nor 4 androstenediol...yes or no?

I have heard a lot of good things about 4-AD. I have also heard that you should not take 4-androstenediol in cap´s or tablets, the effect is minimal. But how is it with
“19-Nor 4-androstenediol”. I have found 19-NOR containing(hmm…) 19-nor and 4-androstenediol. How about this prep? Will I notice any results with this?

What you had mentioned in the former is actually the same as the latter. you might be confused or just are misinformed. the labels are different but it is the same thing.

My apologies. I misread what you had written. I have read that stacking the two is a good combonation. tablets and capsules blow. don’t even bother with them. Unless there are products I’ve never come across, the only thing i can recommend is androsol and taking a substitute of norandro. I have achieved great results with androsol, so I know it is effective. other than that, this is based on my personal experiences with the products mentioned earlier. What may work for me may not work for you and vice versa. Good Luck!

(I think biotest is developing a topical norandro spray.)