19, No Morning Wood, Should I Be Worried?

So lately I’ve been wondering if I have a problem. I just turned 19 years old, I’ve been lifting and training through football, wrestling, and track for the last 5 years. I’ve been lifting religiously for the last 2.5 years. The last year and a half or so, I’ve noticed I can’t really put on quality size without gaining fat.

Someone got me thinking about low testosterone and when I thought about it, I don’t think I’ve had morning wood in probably a year. I used to get pretty horny , especially when I was about 16 and 17. Now, I still do but it’s not really top priority to me. I don’t get random boners during the day like I used to just a couple years ago, or get overly horny. I’ve been able to gain strength still, but like I said I’ve had trouble especially the last 2 years putting on size without a noticeable amount of fat.

My diet has been pretty solid, I track macros and go heavy on vegetables. I’m just wondering if low testosterone is a legitimate concern. I have been more tired lately, and need more sleep than I used to. The main concern is the lack of morning wood … Especially at 19. Is that a strong indicator, or is it all in my head? I know this should probably go in TRT but you guys are a lot more active. Any suggestions would help.

You need to read all of the forum stickys. You can’t assume low T, there are so many other possiblities (read the Thyroid sticky). First start by reading the sticky’s and getting the neccassary lab work before jumping to conclusions.

Cheap, easy, private method for determining whether nocturnal erections are occurring:

The problem can be low T and/or thyroid problems. See the tyroid sticky and consider your long term use of iodized salt or lack thereof.

There is also a sticky concerning things that damage your hormones.

Over-training can be an issue especially with a starvation diet.

If your T was low, the task would be to find out why so the root cause can be fixed. Low T would be the symptom, not the cause.

The advice for new guys sticky has most of the definitions that need to be understood if you are going to become knowledgeable. Your doctor will probably be useless, its up to you to manage this process of investigation. You can do your own lab work in most US States if needed.