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[19 M]: Can I Make My Shoulders Wider? (Pics Included)


So, I’m a 19 year old guy and I’ve been going to gym for two months now. I hit the gym 3 times a week and got there a personal trainer.

I’ve managed to drop from 91 Kg (200.6 pounds) to 83 Kg (182.9 pounds) during this period. It did significantly affect my appearance and I feel much more comfortable with my body.

But now, I’m a bit curious, can I really broaden my shoulders so I could at least get a better shoulder/waist(hip) ratio? During this time I did get some muscle up there.

I would love if I could at least aim for that V body shape.

I’ll keep on doing that fat loss, there’s still fat around my hips. I did lower my body fat from 19% to 17% during the first month, in a few days I’ll see my fat percentage after this second month.

Here’s a couple of pictures of my body (NSFW): https://postimg.org/gallery/15w7vyuq6/175e22b7/

Yes, adding muscle to your shoulders will broaden your v taper.

In this order for bigger, wider delts:
Overhead press variations Barbell,Dumbell etc (focusing on progressive overload should make them bigger as a beginner) , lateral raises variations and facepulls/band pull aparts for delt health and building rear delts.

You can certainly create the illusion of wider shoulders. How mucu actual width delts will give you is another story but it’s not nothing.

In your situation, fix up your diet, train hard. You have muscle to add and fat to lose.

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Thanks for your input! Also bench presses, by making my chest larger will also do some magic, right?

I mean, I have to work on my full body, but I’m putting emphasis on my upper body.

Well, since you’re after the V taper i’d prioritise upper chest more/ incline variations rather than flat bench, everyone wants a juicy chest so of course dont neglect any areas so flat benching is fine.

Having Big lats, a well developed upper chest and wide delts is what you should strive for. A low body fat % as well.

Yes you can. There are shoulder specialisation workouts like John Meadows routine that you can do further down the line but for now you look all-over untrained so just focus on adding mass
and getting bull strong on the main lists like military press and you will look a lot better

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Have you tried clavicular lengthening?


I have been watching this thread to see who would mention it first :joy::joy::joy:


Me too. It didn’t take long


Longer than expected though


Hey man, not all of us can be built like brick shit houses like you; we’ll take all the help we can get.

Oh god! Flash back!!! Fucking Flash Backs!!!

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WTF is going on? I’m for sure not doing any surgery. I’m ok with my body but I want to improve.

Sorry we hijacked your thread. We have heard some pretty crazy shit on here.

Besides what’s been posted, and ignoring “clavicular lengthening”, read everything ChristianThibodeaux has written on here about shoulders.

If you want to build a “yoke” that includes shoulders as well as most upper body muscles, try adding Snatch Grip High Pulls to your shoulder workout.

Clavicular lengthening, Jeez.

just an “in” joke

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