19 & Low T w/ Blood Work, Help

Okay, so first off I went to the doctor today, my free testosterone level is a 6.8 with normal being 9-300 according to my doctor, heres my story im only 19, 6’3" 170 lbs 10% bf in overall great shape, little bit skinny, but train 6 days a week hard, yet cant seem to gain muscle and when i let my diet slide i can gain fat but also lose it quickly. my doctor thinks that might be due to the low t but i really just dont know why I have it to begin with.

I have never abused or taken any type of pro hormone, i know it might seem that way but really I have not. The only supplements I take are nitric oxide, multivitamins, fish oil, protein and ZMA. Okay so the extent that I have noticed the low T affecting me is not gaining muscle, easily gaining fat when I’m not disciplined, not recovering well from training and a general lethargic feeling throughout the day. So I’m really coming here for some guidance, being so young what should I do?

My doc was surprised because I am not obese, my gonads are normal sized, and I am able to engage in sexual activity with my girlfriend daily, yet have pretty damn low free T levels for a guy my age. My doctor wanted me to see an endocrinologist to see whats wrong but to be honest I do not think I have the money to do it, he said I could be prescribed a lotion or patch of some sort? Is that my best bet? Just asking to be prescribed that or am I better off doing my own cycling? Any advice on either end- taking the prescription or cycling my own would be greatly appreciated. I have full bloodwork and can give any extra info if need be. thanks guys.

You might want to post all your blood work.