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19 Inch Arms!


So I've noticed that we have a 17 inch arm thread and an 18 inch arm thread, so I thought I'd make a 19 inch arm thread. I want to see some of the big boys come out of the woodwork for this one :wink:

I'll go first. I'll post one without the tape (so you can actually see the peak) and one with it. Tape is tough to see because of the bright light and the cellphone image but I'm sure if you zoom in you can see it. I measured in at just a tad below 19.5"

Who is next?!


I am...


But nice arm bro!


Fucking awesome.

I love this place most times, and this is one reason.


Here's the one with the tape, like I said, hard to see, sorry. Also looks like I have no peak whatsoever lol.

And thanks for the kind words fellas.


Very nice!


Awesome big guy!


i have the same measurer lol


Sweet, nice milestone. Go get 20.


Whatever dude, those burger king arms probably can't even curl 135! :wink:

Solid as hell dude. I'd also like to see pics of the big boys if they've got 'em! (PX, MODOK, etc).

Austin, hopefully you'll be postin in here soon!


Yeah no doubt. A little more than a half inch to go and I'll those 19's, hopefully with six months time.

And I was just checking out the BOI and your Db curl numbers were looking impressive. Nice work.


Awesome waylander...you are inspiration to all us young guys.


Props man, you earned 'em. It's nice/refreshing to see some legit progress being made.


free gifts for the win! haha


19 on the nose, unpumped. I've seen 19.5 right after training.


And to us old guys as well!

Nice work, Waylander!


Jesus that's impressive.


god damn it, as soon as I make 18 the day after he has to post a 19 inch thread, ah well time to go eat a steak or some tuna


Thanks Josh and ID, that means a lot.

I try to never disappoint :wink:


19.25" cold, 20" pumped

Not quite to your level Waylander....but I couldn't let you steal the entire show...lol.

Great physique man, congrats!


Holy shit, maybe ill be with you guys in a couple of years, aww man, cant imagine how awesome it feels to throw those around, well done fellas :slight_smile: