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19, First Contest Next Year, First Cycle?


Hey guys, I am 19 years old. I know what you are thinking "another gym kid aficionado who doesn't know what he wants". Well, you are wrong. I have thought about for almost two years now and I want to take bodybuilding to the next step, I want it to be my career. I am 5' 7" and weight 168 lbs in 11-10% BF.

I want to start competing hopefully next year around May in the NPC Men's Physique, so I wanted to know, if done properly can I do a steroid cycle safely? If so, what would you think would be the most apropiate one for someone like me? or do you think I could be able to win natty? I would really thank all the help I can get.


Let me look into my crystal ball hold on... Ok.. Yes. Yes you will win natty. Stay natty.

But seriously, throw up a few poses if you want better advice.


I'd probably run 470mg of Hexteladrone for 8 weeks, pinned once per week, along with teslabone, pinned everyday at 32mg/day. You could take an oral like propomine or something like that, at a standard dose as well. That's kind of a standard gym kid aficionado type of cycle. I assume that you could probably win natty though, given all the information you shared about yourself. Those are some impressive lifting stats that you posted. And your front double biceps pose is outstanding!

Best of luck buddy!


teslabone is way too much for a first cycle!

OP just run the standard 500mg hexteladrone but make sure you've got aromadex and milk thistle for PCT


In other news: how fucking insane does ELS look in the new avatar?


really no such thing as "bodybuilding for a career" outside of the top 10 Olympia...

I can't name any of the physique guys besides buendia, cook, and sadik..

and i can only name those three because beundia won the last 2 olympias, cook is very recognizable and has done a great job promoting himself outside of competition....and i guess sadik has as well...but he was modeling well before he ever competed in physique.

what i am trying to say is this.. don't try to make it your living.. chances are high that you will fail.

while their physiques are simple and, for the most part, generally unimpressive, they know people. they are well-connected within the industry, and that's what keeps the income coming in.

you'd be far better off studying a solid subject in university, and approaching physique and modeling from a hobby standpoint.

will you win shows? maybe...could you even get to the Olympia? possibly... will you make a living from competing alone?

no, you will not.


I have noticed this.


Haha thanks man that means a lot. Im still 230s but i guess im leaner than last time i was in the 230s before prep. Ive been feeling quite run down though lately and decided to take a few days off which i never have really done. What do you guys do when you feel burnt out? Push through? Deload week? Or just pure rest?

Sorry for the hijack.. But not really, lol


Yeah you look great man!

I just skip training and go to a sleazy spa for a soak in the jacuzzi and a thai massage when I don't feel like training haha.


Lol! That does sound good. Im on 3rd day of rest. Might go insane.