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19, Breaking My Anabolic Virginity. Please Help



I’m 19 years old and have just bought a four week course worth of Oxy 50 that a friend recommended, but I feel like I don’t know enough about it yet to start the course. Is this a good steroid?

I’ve been training well for the past two years and have a solid foundation but I’m looking to build onto that. I have looked online at what else is needed to make it a safe and effective process. I understand I need three things which are SERMs, AIs and other products to maintain bodily functions, however the ones recommended on the website were really expensive so I’m not sure what to do.

I found some on Amazon “Cycle Support: On Cycle Protection & Liver Assist”, “Anti-E Xtreme | Estrogen Control | PCT Estrogen Blocker” and “PCT Xtreme: Post Cycle Support & Testosterone Booster”. These sound like they would be enough to have a safe course and PCT but I need help please! Do you need to have the estrogen and testosterone on cycle and on PCT or just on PCT? Are there any SERMs or AIs in those drugs?

Also I’ve seen that it can make muscles ‘soft’, is there a way around this?

The main question is are those three drugs listed above enough to make it a safe and effective cycle?

An other advice would also be great.

Thanks for your time.


This should go well.


So you do what a friend tells you to do then come here because you don’t have any idea what you are doing.

It is liver toxic. Start using google learn.
Give it to your friend and stay clean.


You actually know less than nothing because you have been told the wrong stuff. Give the drugs back and don’t think about this for a very long time.


I actually hadn’t heard that name for anadrol before. Now I have. Man, I’ve never heard of anyone doing an anadrol-only cycle. That can’t be very fun. It makes people feel shitty enough even with test. Can’t imagine how it’d be on its own.

Your question about soft muscles just represents how ignorant you are. The question itself doesn’t even make sense. I assume you’re worried about water retention. Which is stupid, because it goes away after the cycle anyway. And it’s part of what makes you stronger/perform better while using the steroid.

Don’t do drugs buddy. They’re not for you.