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19 and Training Hard for 1.5 Years


broke my wrist in feb 06 got down 2 137lbs here is a pic


7/9/07 185lbs


more end of bulking


19/10/07 think i was about 174lbs


back shot


oh by the way ive got cerebral palsy down my left side. its not real bad just dont have alot of feelin on my left side and some certin lifts r hard


Good job with the bulk, considering where you started. You've got a foundation to work from but still a long way to go. Continue eating and lifting like a beast.

What does your training look like?
Got any numbers on big lifts?


Why did you cover your face on the one pic...we can see it in the others lol.

Nice work btw, but yeah what are your lifts like?


haha yer i no. i did 1 then thought i dont really care and cbf doin the rest.

lifts max aint the best.
dead lift-330lbs

thats bout all i do 4 max stuff


You bear a slight resemblance to brad pitt in the first pic :slight_smile: Too big for that in the after pics though :slight_smile:
And don't ever squeeze your shoulder blades together in a back double bi, spread them so you can show your lats.




haha thats pretty good actually. yer i no i should ill get some pics up like that and some of the legs 2.

as 4 training.. train bout 5 days a week usually. do a chest day, back day, shoulder tri, and leg n bi. but dont stick 2 anything strict. just gettin into a real good split ill throw it up once i find where i put it.

cheers jason


your training too frequently,and ill bet for to long.Why are you training 5 days a week?splitting your body parts?yuor not a pro bb juiced to the eyeballs training for a title are you? No ,thought not.full body three days a week.Squat, chin,row, bench dip deads.Thats it.Stop reading the crap in the weider mags.


whats your prolem bro? If that training is producing good result for him why not keep it. I prefer split training as well. It's preferance. Squats, Bench, Deads, Rows, Dips, and Chins will build a massive physique, but IMO it want be perfect w/o some isolation moves, and direct shoulder work. Adding curls, militaries, close grips, and a few other supplementary exercises would be a better bet for balance.

BTW no need to sound hostile.


x2. What he's doing is working for him (obviously). OP, keep it up and remember to eat like a beast (as someone already stated).


same. your gonna fight your cb every step of the way but i really admire that drive to workout and get big inspite of it. If your training is working keep doing it but don't be afraid to change it up and try something new.


yer ur most likely right. but i cant help it. just love bein in the gym. and at the moment ive got that much time on my hands. so here i am. once i go back 2 school ill have next 2 no time. so ill cut it back. either that or jump on juice and explode..


Good job, you can see the progress.



my apologies for sounding rather hostile.there was a time when bbs used to train hard three times a week on basic movements.Then some time around the mid sixties (or when ever weider joined the party) things changed.suddenly it was all split routines, superset this n that,all promoted by Weider to sell his mags.these routines were marketed by weider as an adjuncted to sell his supplements.

They were endorsed by "the new breed " of bb.yeah the ones who used steroids.now i hvae no problem with steroids.BUT in the late 70s i was one of those youngsters doing the split this n that ,fancy movement routines eating weiders shit,and getting nowhere.When what i needed was someone to say hey,get back to basics,and train like Reeves,Eifferman etc,NOT like the new breed who use drugs to compensate for hard work.This nay seem a little naieve,but back then we had no internet,no-one to ask,apart from the current champs q & a colums in muscle builder

,well you can imagine what they told us to do! yeah more long w/outs more weider weight gain!Every now and again that 19 year old inside me comesback,and i can feel the frustration again,which can become evident in my responses,once again sorry.


good job buddy, i thought the first pic initally was the "progress pic" until i scrolled down. started chuckling a bit. But defintly a good bulk, deosnt look like youve put on very much fat at all. Stop training bis with legs, thats always an excuse of beginners so that they get some sort of upper body pump on leg day. overall looking good. Its nice to see your commitment is "bizarre"(sorry couldnt help the pun)