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19 6'2 195


heres a start


I suggest you start by reading the stickied thread and posting the required pics. No one cares about your phone or hawt abz. Also, your first post ever is starting a thread in the RMP...be prepared for impending sodomy.


I was directed here for buttsex! Have I come to the right place?


ur a dickhead


HE may be a dick but YOU are sooooo in the wrong place for getting complimants on your abs if thats what you were looking for.
Im pretty sure BB.com would be more then happy to help you with that.
Now if you would like some "helpfull" advice on what you need to do or guys\girls complimanting you "how you look" (whichever is your thing) go to "performance photos" and ask there , till then : lift , eat , sleep repeat.


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Ouch dude, you cut into my soul with that one...


He's only 19, go easy on him. As a side, is that you in your avatar Jase?


No sir, John Joseph of the Cro Mags


NIce picture of girls shoes.


Great tactical hiding of your arms. You look anarexic


U natty bro, 'cause ur jacked!


Hi Karl,
Meet Cashmoneyconrad. I know you'll hit it off...



I want to sex your butt. ALLLL homo


boobs to the rescue


Considering youre lean at 195 I bet you could get at least a rating of 5 if you posted the required pics. Just done post douchey myspace shots


deez abz makez me jeez my pentz

a great man once said, abz on a skinny guy are like really nice clothes on a fat chick, no one gives a fuck.

on a serious note, post proper pics , not some facebook wanna hang out and lick my nut sack pics, cuz like the person above me said, at a lean 195 there may be a nice build hiding under the black and white neo-classical bathroom artwork


Hey, what the fuck is with the hostility man? If you're not gay just say; your pic was telling me otherwise.

No need to insult a guy for trying!


LOL facebook wanna hang out and lick my nut sack pics LOL


Made my day, hahahah