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18yr Old Needs Help with TRT


Having big problems with libido , feel like im asexual..
No other symptoms , except fat distribution.
My doctor wants to prescribe me TRT , what do you think about it ?
Lab results :
LH 6.35 (1.3-9.8)
FSH 3.37 (1.5 - 12.9)
Prolactin 305
SHBG 31 (15-48.3)
TOTAL TESTOSTERON 14.400nmol/L napomena u jednom nalazu cak 8.70 nmol/L
FREE testosteron 0.300 (0.204-0.637)
DHEA-S 7.21 (1.91-13.30)
ACTH 15.71(H) (1.6-13.9)
I would appreciate any help


Forgot to mention , in test before this one my T was 8.80nmol/L


Need lab units and ranges for prolactin and testosterone.
Please translate "cak 8.70 nmol/L "

DHEA-S seems low for your age.

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Are your energy levels good?
Do you get cold easily?
waist size?
When do you think this problem started?

At your age, the goal is to try to find the cause and fix that if possible.

ATCH is high. It would be good to have cortisol tested at 8:00 AM


Oh sorry im Croatian so I copy/pasted from Croatian forum “napomena u jednom nalazu cak 8.70 nmol/L” mean "note that last lab test T was 8.70nmol/L)
I had cortisol checked at morning at last test it came 414 (180-523)
Are your energy levels good? Yes
Do you get cold easily? No
height? 185cm
weight? 80kg
waist size? I dont know , not too big , but I get fat at my hips and waist the most
When do you think this problem started? 6months ago , suddenly I lost my libido overnight , 0 libido…


Sorry for not putting everything in one post…I just read threads you provided me.
I dont drink , smoke , or ever did drugs or steroids. I eat very healthy (or at least healthier than most people do)
I was also to urologist , he said I have slightly smaller testes than normal.


Can you supply lab ranges for the ones that do not have ranges shown?

Were you taking any medications, prescribed or not, 6 months ago?
Any blows to your head then?
Gained weight in last 6 months?
Sometimes watching porn can reduce libido.


Sorry I can’t because they dont have ref ranges.
No medications , no head trauma , weight is the same.
I watch porn really rarely so that is 100% not the issue.
I appreciate your help…do you think 14nmol/L T is really bad for my age…? Should I tell my doc I dont want trt?


Need more info about prolactin, at leas the units