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18Yr Old at Genetic Potential


Whatsup meatheads? I recently got to college and decided i need to bulk up more now that i have all this free time. I was wondering what would be a good first cycle of either prohormones or a type of steroid with a corresponding pct? I know alot of you are going to say wait a couple more years but my father and brother (who is 21) are both 5'11 (as am i) and i have been lifting for about 4 years.

I did wrestling so i had to maintain my weight around 160 all year so i could only tone and get cut up. My brother on the other hand was more of a skinny partyer and i got him into lifting by intoducing him to Jack3d and other supps. But now we are both 5'11 and between 170-180 and i feel as if i reached my potential with supplements.

I used jack3d as a preworkout with Con-Cret creatine and Yok3d nitric oxide but have reached the peak with those....so any suggestions for a good first cycle and PCT would be greatly appreicated!


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I guess that term has a stronger connotation in the UK. In the US "meathead" is said almost affectionately, as in "what's up my fellow meatheads?".

OP, you are no where near your genetic potential. Supplements are only a very tiny percentage of the bodybuilding equation. You need to get your diet and/or training in order first. No amount of steroids are going to help you put on muscle if your diet isn't right.




My opinion is that those who think 'meathead' is a term of endearment are also the type that thought it was cool to do as little work as possible in grade school and that doing schoolwork was for losers. Oh well


I figured it was going to get responses like this...no disrespect meant by the term meathead either it really is a term of endearment in my eyes....as i said my brother who is done growing at 21 is the same height (5'11) and within 5 pounds of me so i may not be at my potential but i am very close...also i have been studying nutrition for a while now for the purpose of healthy eating so i could gain almost no weight during wrestling season and then for packing on pure mass after four years of solid dieting..I am going to get some type of prohormone or steroid regardless so no need for smart comments..just would like an honest answer from people who know what they are talking about more then a relative novice in this world..any advice would be appriciated..but if your going to bash then i suggest you dont post back because you accomplish nothing with these remarks..thanks agian to anyone who posts something productive


and here at college there are meals that are perfect for what i am trying to do...at home i still woke up every morning to 4 or 5 egg whites and a regular egg for that little bit of fat..and meal replacements as well for months and months...


Oh and my workouts are fine...been switching them every 6 weeks or so and get them all off bodybuilding.com or other simmilar websites..


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Honestly just read through the stickies before posting something and making yourself look ignorant. If you spent all that time training and dieting to maintain but not put on weight try to switch up your diet and training, gear it towards getting some good strength and upping your weight and size, do it properly and with discipline for 6 months. Do some reading and research so YOU know what your getting into.


The connotations of meathead in the UK are just as negative as in the US, bee-tee-dubs.


since ur gonna do it anyways

Test E 500mg a week split into 2 injections for 12 weeks
weeks 1-4 dbol 30mg a day 10mg in the morning 10 midday and 10 late afternoon

pct nolvadex 40/40/20/20

be safe train hard and double ur food intake.

and there is nothing wrong with the term meathead a good friend of mine is a top level npc bodybuilder and he regularly refers to himself as a meathead.


Since this thread is completely ridiculous already I dont feel bad posting this.

In your post replace "meathead" with 'n-bomb', and "top level npc bodybuilder" with 'black guy'. See where this is going? Not everyone has the same opinion on what words mean.