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18Y/O on TRT. Brain Fog, Low Libido, Fatigue. Could Use Some Help


Test at CVS is like $12 for a 1ml bottle with no insurance



It’s cheaper to buy with a Goodrx coupon than going through your insurance.


At cvs that is just the regular price without coupons. 2mls costs me $25 if I had got the prior authorization it would have been $10


Can I ask why are you using anatstazole? Is it simply because you have a high estrogen number and the doc thinks that number should be lower?

I believe anastrazole is causing libido because it messes with e2.

Don’t forget there is way more to libido than e2.

Without symptoms one does not need ai.

Try some DHT and make sure you find the other hormones that effect libido and manage them or at least report and see where they are.

Also giving the body a rest from sex helps if you have spent to much time thinking about or having sex. Including open and etc.

Stay far away from supplements that say they increase sec drive or anything hormonally. Ashwandagh or however you spell it has raised men’s SHBG into the 100s. I’ve seen it 4 times now. They all were taking the same root. You don’t want super high shbg. It’s a pain in the ass.


I’m using anastrazole because when I started at 200mg t weekly with 1mg anastrazole, my estrogen skyrocketed. 2mg weekly really helped, and then switching to everyday injections also lowered estrogen. Do you think I should lower testosterone dose to lower AI? I’ve been thinking about just switching my dose to EOD to effectively cut my dose in half and then taking AI EOD as well just to lower how many drugs I take.


Also, I’ve had zero orgasm in the past couple weeks for that reason you mentioned.

Regarding DHT, I’ve tried proviron in the past and it really helped libido. But it’s illegal in the US and if you have a suggestion for how I could achieve the same effects I’d be open to trying it.


And yet, this pharmacy is in Lakeland FL:
They sell Proviron supposedly

That took a few milliseconds on Google, haven’t used them so don’t know how legit that is.
And here


What is proviron ?

You have way more going on here. First your anastrazole needs to stop and you need to let the body find its balance in hormones. Then you have to give it time
To do it’s magic. Form what I understand you have been suppressing estrogen since the start. Once edtrogen is normalized, body’s absorbed the balance I wouldn’t make knee jerk reactions.

There is so much more to this than DHT or e2 as well. But that’s a good start.

You have prolactin, dompamibe,
Cortisol, dhea, pregnanalone, and more.

So baby steps. Or switch docs to a real Trt specialist and trust in their experience and expertise. Not a clinic who spends ten mins on phone runs a few labs and prescribed trt. A doc who will sit and actually dial you in and spend the time to answer all your questions. That kid if doc is Dr rob on trt roundtAble or dr Nichols tier1hw.com


You say it sky rocketed but is that all? What about side effects. What symptoms?


Proviron is basically straight up DHT. As far as I know it isn’t sold in the US by legit pharmacies as it isn’t approved here


Get DHT cream . You can apply scrotal cream 1 click am and Pm to add to your protocol. You just need a doc who understands.


My estrogen definitely skyrocketed. I remember I gained about 10 pounds in a week, I was super emotional, and my face puffed up really bloated. Can confirm it was high estrogen because these symptoms resolved when I added AI. If ur question was referring to lab numbers, never got labs done. I’m going in for a TT/FT/E2 lab soon just to make sure that’s locked down. Last test I got was on the day before a weekly 200mg test injection, came back TT around 512.


Free t is important. Can’t do anything with total t. It could also be an imbalance if shbg is fudged up. High estrogen when free t is low.

One might feel great with a free t of 25 and estrogen of 45. Feel horrid if free t is 10 and estrogen is 45. I see it happening all the time, but not many studies solidifying this comments I made. So take it for what it’s worth.

Scrotal cream makes much less estrogen than injections. So trying that is a good choice, but again we don’t know where free t is when you had estrogen symptoms. It could of been fixed by daily injections or maybe even lowering free t if it was to high.

As you can tell many variables. You need the right labs to Find a diagnosis. Or a doc who has seen hundreds of patients for HRT. Not a clinic that is more a sales shop than a pravtice where docs are working towards fixing you and dialing you in.


The point is that it’s illegal and ideally I’d rather not have to possess and worry about acquiring illegal substances for the rest of my life. However, if these pharmacy’s exist, this could be a real option for me. I ran 50mg proviron everyday for a month or two and my libido was there. Completely normal erectile function. Have you ordered from either of those sources in the past? I’m considering ordering a couple tabs of the cheap proviron-ver to see if the pharma is legit.


I have not used them. Not approved does not always equal illegal, BTW. But I have not checked the legality either. I’m in Central America most of the time doing volunteer work, so I’m not anywhere that can be delivered to. But everything that’s available is OTC. HCG is $50 cash and carry for 5000 IU’s. Cypionate is around $5 I think for 250 mg and list goes on. Everything is legal here, but not everything is available.



I’m chiming in because I’ve experienced a lot of what you have and ED wise I’m way better. I’ve been on 12mg Subutex for 8+ yrs (you can imagine what I was on before that), 300mg wellbutrin xr for 5 yrs and had very little sex drive plus I wouldn’t get fully hard.

Wellbutrin takes at least 6 weeks before you will get any effect from it and really takes 8-12 belt you can say if it’s working or not. I know 4 other people on wellbutrin and all of them in the beginning said it had no effect but after a few months it really helped them. Not sure about ED wise though.

I have high prolactin 21 (5-15 range) and am about to start P5P after reading studies showing it’s basically as effective as cabergoline at bringing down prolactin and without the horrible side effects. You mentioned P5P. Did you ever take it?

My total T is 2000, free is 35, E2 is 77 and prolactin is 21 (5-15 range). I’ve been on the same protocol for 6 months now and have amazing sex drive and raging hard-ons. I wake up every morning with a sword between my legs. My levels are too high for most people but I feel good. Especially since I found out I was anemic and have started supplementing Iron daily. It’s been the final missing link for me as far as energy and mentally feeling like a human again. I notice that the higher my E2 is the better my libido is.

When you were on 200mg+/week of T did your sex drive get any better than before? Or was it unaffected? I noticed that anastrozole even at .125mg killed my ability to get hard.

Great thread!


you have alot of great insight man! I can relate to you on the dopamine issue im curious to see what works for you. I generally feel the same about what you said about the “nofap” thing too I was taking p5p at one point to manage proaction because I noticed I would feel like shit/ less libido for a while after sex and thought that may have something to do with it . however due to my own past use of various pharmaceuticals etc I feel the dopamine desensitization may be a very real thing. I try to be as natural as possible these days and would hate to be dependent on another medication / long term effects of things that would be prescribed to fix that


When I first started TRT, I would go 100mg E3.5D and 1mg anastrazole On injection day. On this protocol, no libido, but morning erections on trough days. I was on 28mg ED, 0.25mg AI ED, and 75mg proviron ED. On this, I had solid libido and morning erections. I think I could adjust this protocol by simply lowering testosterone dosage to account for dropping proviron. I should note that on the proviron protocol, I was supplementing with a lot of tyrosine. It’s effects libido-wise were acute the first one or two times, then started to wear off somewhat. Maybe it was switching my protocol that helped my libido? And I attributed it to tyrosine just because I started taking it at the same time?


I think I blew the whole dopamine thing out of the water. At least in my case, I think my issue is just switching my protocol too much and not allowing my body to adjust. But I’ve tried P5P, didn’t notice any effect on libido but had gnarly dreams on it.


Imo those who start high have more issues.

There are few people on this forum including me that do bet 80-100 mg total a week divided in 2 doses.

But we get into this manly mindset that we want more.
I did too and ended up back on 88 mg a week.

I think we would here more success stories if guys would start at 100 total a week. Then wait 2 months to see how you feel. That’s the hard part.

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