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18y/o 280kg Easy Deadlift at 100kg. Lockout Advice?

Here’s the vid:

My lockout is the weakest, any suggestions?

I’d hold the lockout a little longer than that, and actually put the weight down rather than dropping it. The eccentric portion of the lift can help build strength too.

Have you played around with either deficit deadlifts or rack pulls? Or band assisted deadlifts? Those sorts of things have the potential to help when there’s a glaring weak point in the lift. Although honestly, your lockout strength doesn’t reallllly look like it’s lagging. Is there a point at which you can clear the bar above the knee, but not finish the lift?

One thing to consider: some people who are very fast off the floor simply don’t sustain that maximum effort throughout the pull, and the result is suddenly slowing down when the momentum slows. This could be happening with you. Really focus on pulling hard through the ENTIRE lift.

Regardless. Good stuff, man. Strong as hell.


Like @flipcollar said, hold the lockout, then actually lower the bar back down under control, this will build the back the rest of the way.

Make sure you’re thinking to push your hips through to the bar, not lean back.


I’ve never done anything else other than regular deadlifts for as long as I can remember. But the first thing that came to my mind were below the knee rack pulls. I’ll probably give those a try, but I haven’t got a power rack set up at my gym yet haha.

Usually when the weight gets heavier, I’m still fast off the floor but slow down on the last quarter/fifth of the lift, just the very end. I’m trying to be a little more patient off the floor and keep my back straight, but as you can see, I’m standing on a rubber mat and it did seem a little bit soft to stand on, even when I wasn’t holding any weight. When I was pulling 300, I was fast off the floor again, but stopped at about 3/4 of the way up as usual, but I think I noticed myself shifting a little bit on my toes. Do you think that could be much of a problem? I’m getting a wooden 1m floor the size of one rubber mat done in a couple of days because of this problem. Do you think that might help also?

I’ve never really trained in an optimal environment. At our local gym we have an uneven floor, that’s why I bought some equipment for a home gym. Sucks to live in such a small town…

Thank you man, appreciate it a lot!

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Thank you. I’ve been trying to do that and I can manage to push my hips through with ease up to about 260, anything over that and things start to get a little harder, so I’m working on that.

absolutely could be. getting out of position can cause all sorts of leverage problems. It can definitely lead to lockout issues.


I think that heavy barbell rows would probably help your lockout.

Block/rack pulls can be useful but the problem is that people usually get into a different setup than how they would be at that point in the lift if they were puling from the floor. Like they set up with their back rounded(upper/lower or both) but they pull from blocks totally neutral and it doesn’t transfer.

Deficit deadlifts would probably help because they put you in a worse starting position that makes the whole lift more difficult, you could just stand on a plate. Chains are expensive and bands require something to anchor them onto, so deficit and block pulls are your options for deadlift variations. You could build blocks by nailing some boards together if you want to try that.


Alright, sounds good. Thanks for your input!

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1st (and I can’t believe no one mentioned this yet)… your mom’s (I assume) smile and clapping after the lift is adorable. Not being sarcastic, having family support is awesome and the genuine excitement is very endearing.

2nd… Holy crap that’s an awesome pull for your age.

3rd… I’m a big fan of heavy rack/block pulls for lockout, but they must be done correctly. My preference is to set the bar up just below the knees, as in, there should be little to no space from the top of the bar to the bottom of the kneecap. I think a lot of issues guys have from not having rack pulls transfer to lockout comes from having the bar too low or too high. Too low and (as @chris_ottawa mentioned) it’s more like a pull from the floor that just let’s you get into a better starting position which makes the lockout inherently more efficient. Too high and you can start driving the knees under the bar and using your legs more.

With the bar set just below the knees, you greatly reduce any ability to generate leg drive so it puts it all in the posterior chain (back/glutes/hips/hamstrings). When doing these, I use straps and do 4-6 sets of 5 reps pretty dang heavy (85-90% of your pull from the floor). Also, VERY IMPORTANT, I keep a steady tempo throughout the whole set… something like this: fast/explosive pull with a focus on squeezing glutes and pushing hips through, brief pause/hold at top resetting breath if needed, then a controlled 2-3 count down to the rack, pausing with the bar touching the rack but still maintaining 90%+ tension, then repeat. I’ve been using this protocol on a bodybuilder-turned-powerlifter who has a 600+ lb pull but a bad hitching problem, and it’s been making a world of difference.


Haha, thank you! She’s actually my grandma and my dad was filming the video. I thought the same so I decided to keep it in the video :smile:

Thanks again man! I really do think the lockout is holding me back quite a bit and I’d like to get into the 300+ territory soon, so it’s definitely something to work on. I’m going to incorporate some deficit deadlifts and below the knee rack pulls from now.


That was a great pull, you’re strong as shit, and the sky’s the limit for you. Fantastic stuff, man.

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Thank you, I honestly appreciate it a lot!

Strong as hell man!

Honestly, I think you just need to hold it at the top for longer and then slowly lower it down. Pull looks really good. You could add in more glute specific and hamstring work to really build that power there but there doesn’t seem to be some big glaring weakness. Strong as a bull at 18 man! My ass couldn’t even deadlift 135 at 18 haha!

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Thank you man, means a lot! It’s true that I never hold my deadlifts at the top for more than half a second before lowering or dropping. Another thing to improve tho!

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I have nothing to add but I just wanted to say that video is inspiring to me. You’re strong as hell and one year younger than me. Getting to your level of strength is definitely a goal for me. Great job so far!!


Thank you man, glad to be able to inspire, always wanted to be able to do that. Something I could say on the other hand is that I need to get to your profile pic bf % lol. Thanks again!

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This from me too[quote=“tasty_nate, post:9, topic:258862”]
your mom’s (I assume) smile and clapping after the lift is adorable. Not being sarcastic, having family support is awesome and the genuine excitement is very endearing.

Totally agree with this too. That was SO awesome to see

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Haha thanks a lot! Love family support because it’s genuine support. But they’re always worried something will happen to me (which is totally understandable), so I have to reassure them all the time that I’m being careful with my training.

Started doing wierd movements with my hands at lockout… 7.5 weeks out so still time to clean up.

That’s called hitching, you get red lights for that in a meet.

You should be doing your heaviest sets without straps, especially this close to a meet. If you’re going to use straps, use them for volume work and other deadlift variations.

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