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18x Contract?


I want to join the Army and was wondering what the likelyhood of aquiring an 18x contract would be with the following info about me: 22 years old, have a G.E.D. but I have about 37 college credits (maybe more and I read that having more than 15 puts me in the same enlistment category as a highschool diploma holder. Is it true?), 2 misdemeanors on my record that happened 4 1/2 years ago.

I haven't taken the ASVAB but I'm pretty sure I'll do well on it, I did well on the practice one and was told that kind of score qualifies me for just about everything.

The second part of the post is to ask whether it is even a good idea. I have read that there is a huge number of dropouts from the 18x program because they don't spend enough time developing the right soldier skills as regular infantry. Are there other routes I should consider taking If I want to be SF?

Any advice is appreciated.


What's 18x contract?


It basically guarantees you a chance at being Special Forces (Green Beret) in the Army, without any prior service.


You would have to pass OSUT(Combination of Basic and AIT) first, then pass Airborne school, and then you have a chance of being tested for SF qualifications. And then you test to see if you can handle the training and then you may become SF.

I don't know what happens if you bomb out at Airborne. But I'm not 100 percent sure about any of this.


Also, since you haven't signed a contract, now would be the time to read and learn about everything possible. Get your body and mind ready now.

I think your criminal record could be a problem.


You are right, I guess what I meant to say is they try to pipeline you through all the necessary schools, of course if you fail one you wouldn't get to go to the next step. And this is without having to attain a certain rank...E5 or E4 or something? Im not sure, that's just my understanding.


Thanks, I've borrowed Chosen Soldier: The Making Of A Special Forces Warrior by Dick Couch and the U.S. Army map Reading and Land navigation Handbook from a friend and will read everything in them, will probably end up reading more than that. Any suggestions?

I'm taking this very seriously, already started training my butt off, started running and will start rucking soon. My criminal record is the main thing I'm worried about atm.


I'm not sure exactly, either. All of that training will take months. Hell, SF qualifications and training will take 6-8 months. Probably a year before you're finished all together.

I've done some research and I read that October is when new slots for Ranger and SF open up. Those spots are limited, so its good to sign up or ask about those slots Pre-October or during October.


Anything about rappelling, typing knots, basic math(fractions, division, etc) without the use of a calculator, proper foot care, learn how to swim with and without gear, and anything that will help you focus mentally. At least this is what I'm reading or plan to read.

I went to a local bookstore and bought a book that has listing of all the Hooah schools like Airborne, Ranger School, SF, HALO, etc. It shows what physical requirements are needed to even be qualified.


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Thanks for all the suggestions by the way, did you just enlist or are you about to enlist?


It crossed my mind. Especially after college. When and if I enlist, I don't want to rely solely on the recruiter. I'm just another stooge to him. I want to know what I'm signing up for.


Make sure to look up Air Force, Navy, and Marines too. Don't limit yourself to one branch. This is your life and you can become a valuable individual in either branch. And you don't have to be a grunt sleeping in the rain.


Same here, I had a recruiter try to sweet talk me but I wasn't about to enlist right away. Went home and did alot of research, and now I'm certain I want to join. Now the goal is just to make sure everything that I want is in my contract, don't want any false promises. Either way I'd still be honored to be in the Army, the desire to be a warrior is strong.


Yes, I want my military career to be action packed though, which is why I was mainly looking at Marines and Army. I live in a Marine town (theres a MCAS here) and both my dad and grandpa were marines, so it was what I originally wanted to join, but Army SF ended up being much more interesting to me.


I feel the same way. Just make sure to plan for life after military. Infantry skills don't carry over to the real world too well unless you're a mercenary, bodyguard, etc.

I think that's all the info I can give you. It would be better if actually military people showed up. This is time that could be spent looking at porn.


If it were me, I would go 11B and get Airborne and RIP(Ranger Indoctrination Program) in my contract. Once you're in one of the Ranger battalions, you'll get slotted to go to Ranger school. It won't happen immediately because the Ranger training battalion can only send so many classes through a year, but you'll go through, and assuming you make it you'll get your Ranger tab.

At this point you can decide what you want to do. You may find that your are happy as hell as a Ranger and it is more than action packed enough for you. Keep in mind that the 75th Ranger Regiment is a part of USASOC just like SF is. Definitely two different units. But being a Ranger is still not like being in the "big" Army.

And if you did decide that you wanted to drop an SF packet, you would now be much better prepared for Selection and the Q-course.

Or maybe you want to do something like CAG (Combat Applications Group)...or what most people call Delta. If you've seen Blackhawk Down, than you are probably somewhat familiar with them. They do a lot of their recruiting from the Ranger Battalions.

But something about the idea of going to Basic, AIT, Airborne school and then going straight to Selection doesn't seem right to me. I would want a lot more experience and training time, before I went to Selection.


True. I hear borderpatrol loves hiring ex military guys (something a little more normal than mercenary hah), and I have a certification in massage therapy I can hopefully fall back on, but I will for sure keep planning.

I will make the transition to porn watching once I finish these eggs. Happy fapping sir!


Your input is very much appreciated.