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18th Workout + clips

Right click on each clip and save before watching to avoid errors!

Snatch Deadlift to knee - 6 sec ISO Hold - then Snatch Pull + 2xHang Snatch HighPull from slightly below Knee to chin level - 119lbs 4x3

Form and power work all in one. Could feel the bar brush the thighs on half the reps without trying, so that’s good, 2 sets shown.


Slight pause on first rep, then partial rep and then full rep 215lbs x 4 sets

2nd to 4th sets shown. Felt pretty good - partial rep kills the hammies though, and is much harder to reverse!


post workout later

Sunday 18th January - Strength Speed - Week 14 - Day 1 - Squat - Afternoon

Felt a bit tired to start, but after the 2nd set of snatch high pulls started to feel OK. It was long, but I started to sip my fast carb/whey drink after the one hour mark, so that should keep catabolics at bay I hope :slight_smile:

Workout Rating - 8/10
Workout time - 1 hour 45mins

Warmup+ CoreWork+Plyos

Rest - 30secs alternating between each exercise. 1min between each complex

Back Extensions x8, with a twist to each side +10lbs x10
Incline situps with Russian twists to each side at the top - arms held outstretched x8, +10lbs x8

Low ankle jumps - 3 x10secs, High 2x5

Romanian Deadlift ISO Hold - 45lbs x 30secs

Hang Snatch HighPulls

Warmups - A few sets with the bar of various stuff like pulls and overhead squats
Hang Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch HighPull + Hang MuscleSnatch - 45lbs x 2sets, 89lbs x 2 sets

Rest - 1.5 to 2 mins

Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch HighPull from Knee + Hang MuscleSnatch - 119lbs
I jumped on the muscle snatch so I canned that

Snatch Deadlift to knee - 6 sec ISO Hold - then Snatch Pull + 2xHang Snatch HighPull from slighjtly below Knee to chin level - 119lbs 4x3

One high hang MuscleSnatch + 6 Overhead squats - one full rep with a slight pause, then partial rep with pause and so on - 45lbs x 3 sets

Form and power work all in one. Could feel the bar brush the thighs on half the reps without trying, so that’s good.
Overhead squats acts as a warmup for fullsquats, plus I need to get better at them. Tried to keep stance width about shoulderwidth, all reps were clean. Next week I’ll add some weight and see how I go.

Full Olympic Back Squats - RAW

Warmup sets - resting 1.5 to 2mins
Bar x5, 135lbs x5, 185lbs x5, 225lbs x3, 255lbs x1

Tempo 20X0 rest - 2 mins.
275lbs 4x3 - one full squat jump before each set

Need to start to get 275lbs feeling lighter because while I can explode it up no problems, it doesn’t feel as light as it should for a 75% weight.

Full Front Squats - CleanGrip
Warmups - 135x5, 175x3
rest - 2mins tempo 10X0

Slight pause on first rep, then partial rep and then full rep
215lbs x 4 sets

Form was good, no blackout problems, weight felt just right, not too heavy or light. Partial rep really made the hamstrings ache! Made me work harder to reverse it. My wrist/arm flexibility is a lot better, not aches anyway, I can hold it quite comfy now, relatively speaking that is

Bits and Pieces

Bulgarian Split Squats
Tempo 10X0 rest - 1min
+60lbs in dumbells 2x8 each leg.

Standing Low Pulley L-Flyes on Free Motion machine
No rest - alternating sides
15lbs 2x6, 10lbs x10

Romanian Deadlift ISO Hold
40lbs x 1min

Reverse Back Extensions
Tempo 1010 1x10


Couple of questions:
What are ankle jumps?
What’s the aim of the Romanian ISO holds?
Have you lost weight? (looking leaner)

I wish my wrists were that flexible!

Ankle Jumps - you jump up and down using only your calves, ankles, lock your kness. I do these to enhance achilles tendon elasticity and explosive specific calf strnegth :slight_smile:

RDL ISO holds - well acts a specific warmup for the snatch pulls, possible post tentic facilitation. In general the long holds build strength and strnegth endurance in the full stretched position of the hams, which should transfer well into the rest of the ROM, plus it increases flexibility - as you fatigue the muscles stretch under tension, since it’s basicly a static stretch in a way.
I know my sit and reach has improved a lot since I started doing these. Plus I can now frontsquat much more easily now :slight_smile:
Jay Schreoder uses a lot of these long ISO holds. I do these in the Bulgarian split squat position as well on my other workout, for hip flexor flexibility/strength and glutes/hams as well, maybe VMO.

Leaner? Hmm not sure, I think maybe the haircut, tighter fit t-shirt and lighting makes it look like that :slight_smile:
Maybe a little not much though.

Well my wrist flexibility has improved a lot lately, since I started holding the bar when racking cleans/jerks. While my wrists aren’t that flexibility to do that when cold and with light loads, once some weights get on the bar, and fully warmed up, the sheer weight forces the arms back, no pain though. Just a matter of flexibility work etc.
Not just wrists though, I find tricep/lat and shoulder flexibility is a big factor too
I have been doing a lot of shoulder dislocates and lat stretches on a chin bar lately, and that has correlated with the ease I can hold the bar in a frontsquat. Believe me I’ve had to work hard to undo years of sittting hunched over a desk :slight_smile:

Hey Cool,
FedEx delivered the Glute-Ham bench from the site you mentioned a couple months ago. I’m purposefully not mentioning the company for two reasons, one I don’t want to get hit with the troll tag, two I don’t want to screw-up any deals that Chris may be setting up for T-Jack.

Any how, I am pleasantly surprised at quality of the bench. No it?s not quite the same as the EFS bench that I use at Bud Charniga?s facility, but for what I paid for it I?m impressed. Because I?m cheap I figured that in the worst case I could use the bench as a template for a studier one (I have a few friends in the metal fab business), but the only thing I?ll do is make a larger foot pad. Thanks for the link.


hmm - I can’t remeber :slight_smile: