18th Interesting workout :)

Hypertrophy type week, slow tempo stuff and lighter wieghts to give CNS a rest

Thursday 18th November - Week 9 - Hypertrophy - Day 3 - Whole Body - Afternoon

Good workout, productive and interesting
And I just know my posterior chain is gonna be one sore mofo tommorrow!
Feeling slightly stronger than last week already.
Combined my 2nd upper bodyworkout.

Warmup+ CoreWork+Plyos

Did my general warmup - dynamic swings etc, and 10 reps with 25lb in various exercises - Hang slow cleanpull, military press, oly goodmorning, hang powerclean, snatch grip BN press

Rest - 30secs alternating between each exercise. 1min between pairs.

Twisting Back Extensions x8, +5kg 2x10
Incline situps with Russian twists to each side at the top - arms held outstretched x6, +5kg 2x8

Low Ankle Jumps - 3 x10secs
Romanian Deadlift Bottom position ISO hold - 40lbs x50secs


Warmups - Shoulder Dislocates with wooden staff,
Used bar for a few sets of Hnag Powercleans, powerjerks, SplitjerksHang PowerSnatches, FullSnatches, and Overhead squats complexes
Powerclean + PowerJerk + SplitJerk - 89lbs, 109lbs, 129lbs, 155lbs

Rest - 2 to 3 mins Hookgrip on Clean
Powerclean + PowerJerk + 2xSplitJerks - 155lbs x 4 sets

Interesting, the first hang powerclean I did with bar shot up like a bullet, must be due to the RDL ISO hold…hmm static dynamic…gives me an idea to use for the coming power phase :slight_smile:

Been a while since I did PowerJerks with a decent load, and so form was iffy all round on the jerks, but got much better on the later sets. Upperbody felt stronger - 155lbs felt pretty “light” on my chest and lowering back down after each jerk. Improved fitness from the sprints made the mutiple jerks much easier.

SnatchGrip Deadlift Pulls onto Toes with a Shrug

Tempo 4351 rest - 3 mins HookGrip - hand 3 inches outside outer rings

155lbs 3x3 - 3 sec ISO hold one inch off the floor after first rep.

Snatch start position, 4 secs up using same form as a snatch pull with knee rebend, 1 second shrug hold on toes, lowered in 5 secs, pushing hips back (shins more vertical), 3 sec pause at bottom to reset Hookgrip, then 3 sec ISO hold an inch of the floor before going back up.

needless to say my forearms/grip was hammered!
Lats certainly felt it on the way down, but not in my hammies, but I can feel em hurting now…

Military Press in Oly Shoes

Warmups - Bar x 10, 75lbs x5
Tempo - 5251 - alternating sets with Chins 1.5mins rest between each

105lbs 2x5


Shoulder Width Chins

Tempo 5051 - alternating sets with Press 1.5mins rest between each

3 inch Square Bar - FullGrip thumbs around bar - BW x2 singles

Bits and Pieces
rest - 2mins

Bulgarian SplitSquat
Tempo 4050 40lbs in Dumbells 2x5 - Oh the pain! My VMO nearly cramped up!

Reverse Back Extensions
Tempo 1010 Spread Eagle BW x12
Tempo 3031 Normal BWx6 - slow tempo gave a nice stretching effect on the way up.

Then layed over a swiss ball face down to stetch out the erectors and open up the spine for a couple of mins

Very interesting. Oly lifts have been difficult for me. I need to start doing more and more of them. However you do all of this on one day?


Yes one workout - yesterday. Took 1.5 hours

whole body is slightly sore :slight_smile:

Next week back to explosive strength work

Slow tempos just for this week - for hypertrophy, and strength in a different way from the hypertrophy and strnegth you get from heavy weights and fast stuff.
What I have found is that when you get stronger from slow stuff, it makes holding things feel lighter, and maintaining loaded postural/body positions stances etc much easier. It goes back to the SAID principle. If you get stronger from slow movements, then you will feel stronger in similar situations and vice versa with faster stuff. The fast stuff doesn’t help nearly as much with carrying stuff around and say pushing against someone for example. Anyway I can feel the difference already

I’m talking about concentric speeds BTW, eccentric speeds are something different all together. Its very hard to maintain a slow concentric - at least for me :slight_smile:
When you hit the sticking points - ouch!!!

Anyway its a good idea to periodise lifting speeds.
Also as I mentioned before, I’m doing this slower stuff to give my CNS a break with lighter weights and off course slower speeds.
The slow stuff taxes the muscular and energy systems much more than the CNS. As long as you don’t go near failure.

Also when you go slower, you tend to target the synergists and smaller muscles used in the exercise. And my theory is that when you go slower, you spread the load more evenly on the muscles used, even if the overall tension is lower. I think when one goes fast, the stronger muscles generate the lions share of the force.
So my thinking is by going slower you can hit the weakpoints in the movement better - just my theory though
But so far it has proved to be correct from what I can see and notice

I see you’re starting to use slightly longer isometric holds now with that Romanian dead lift hold :wink:

I’ve been whacky with the good morning type iso-holds (usually “stiff-legged” with full bow to feel a huge hamstretch, stay around for 3-4 minutes). Definitely helps to increase my work capacity!

Slowly increasing the ISO hold times by 10secs every workout :slight_smile:

I must say they really do help.

Colin - aren’t you trying to improve sprint times? If so why are you doing hypertrophy sessions? You’re already heavy for a sprinter and I would think extra body mass would hinder more than help.

If no one else will say it, then I will.

Where the hell are the training clips? What a let down… :wink:

Well a lot of my bodywieght is fat, so that will come down eventually. I could lose 20lbs of fat right now to get to where I wnat to be.

I guess the this 1 week Hypertrophy cycle worked because I have hit 98kg 215lbs straight out of bed the past 2 mornings, up from 96-97kg a week or so ago. I’ll see if it stablises over the course of this week, where I switch over to strength work and make this extra bodywieght functional :slight_smile:

No clips, because I didn’t really do anything different from before.