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185lb Challenge


This morning I tried to see how many times I could power clean and press 185. I got 17. So for NON-CANDYASSES only, I challenge you to give it a try and post how many you get. Only rules are:

  1. Moving the bar from floor to full extension overhead is one rep

  2. Don't let go of the bar

  3. 3 breath's maximum between reps

Good luck!!


How about POMPOUS ASSES. :slight_smile:

Nice numbers though.


I tried power cleaning, but the bar never went over my head.

So I guess none of my reps counted?


He said power clean and press...

17 is pretty damn good. What do you weigh?



17 is ALOT!

The first thing I did was try and profile him to get some stats---none.

Did you ever notice the internet has some of the strongest people in the world engaged daily in such activities?

Between this, the How much do you power clean?, and how much do you deadlift? threads, we have, pound for pound(no pun intended) some of the strongest people in America on the site.

Makes me proud


Thanks. I'm 5'8", 192lbs, 11%bf


Thanks. I hardly feel 185 for 17 reps makes me one of the strongest in America (I'm Canadian anyway). I usually only workout with 225-245 for 2-4 reps for multiple sets depending if it's a back-off week or not. I completely killed myself and fried my CNS getting the 17!!LOL All for fun


Whats the purpose of doing power cleans and presses for 17 reps? Try cleaining 185kg and maybe I'll give you props.


This is just rude and stupid.


I "get" the heavier the better concept and maxing out on olympic lifts is cool but 185 for 17 reps pretty much ensures this is a guy you would NOT want to
F@&K with.

This is a concept that few seem to grasp (or maybe ass-kicking ability is of no concern). Heavy weight for lots of reps in a lift with that much range-of-motion is enough to bullet-proof you.

Good work.

By the way overheads seem to be the most underused exercise going. Thanks to Dan John and others it's making a comeback.


The purpose was a fun challenge as well as shock/variety to my routine. I'm not looking for props, I lift because it's what I love to do.

I doubt I'll ever be able to Clean & Press 315lbs (although that's my goal) let alone 185kg. I'm not an Olympic Lifter. I consider myself a recreational bodybuilder that dabbles in power and olympic lifting.

I'd like to see more little challenges on this site just as friendly compettion to guage ourselves against others. I picked 185lbs because I figured most could at least get it a couple times.

That being said, leave your panties at the door and try it. Let us know how you make out.


Strict press or a bit of push?


I'm going to work on that 185 and see where I am. Are you push pressing at all? Sometimes especially when you get that high in reps, one tends to use the legs a bit.

"The Challenge" idea is a great one. The only drawback being how easy it is to lie or exaggerate.

(PS my stats have me at 260lbs I think. It's 245 now but THATS how easy it is to exaggerate)


Thanks! Overhead's RULE!!

From my experience fighting is as much mental as physical.

I just thought high rep Clean & presses would be a challenge and probably stimulate something I haven't hit before (what a cardiovascular killer!!)But I love heavy low reps, max singles, 20 rep squats, 10x10 deadlifts, power snatches etc etc. I just love training!!!


Saying he could kick my a$$ because he can do that is like saying that I can beat the shit out of Steve Shepherd because I can do more pushups than him. Idios.


HOLY SHIT NO!!!!! Not a bit of a push, a big ass push! I use whatever it takes to get the weight up from rep number 1!!!!

Does this mean it's not impressivee anymore?


I can respect that. And as a recreational BB, O-lifting can build a mighty physique, you should try focusing on it sometime.


I agree. Derek, thanks for having my back but he's right. How much you can lift has nothing to do with fighting. If you had two equally sized and skilled fighters, then maybe a bit. Other than that...no. I could still kick your ass regardless LOL


I sort of did. For about 4 months last spring I only trained 4 days/week:

Day 1 - Bench/Row supersets
Day 2 - Deadlifts
Day 3 - OFF
Day 4 - Clean & Press
Day 5 - Squats
Day 6 - OFF
Day 7 - OFF

I never ever went to failure, only took 60 second rests between sets, and did NO assistance work.

Reps looked something like this:


It was the most strength I've gained in a 4 month time span but it was mostly excercise related CNS training because although all those lifts went up considerabley, my front squat, incline dumbell bench, side laterals, curls etc didn't really change, actually went down a bit due to lack of 'practice'.


I said he could kick YOUR ass? Where exactly did I write THAT?

If you could do more push-ups than Steve Shepherd, I'd say you could beat him in a push-up contest. Congratulations!

If you are comparing push-ups to Clean&Press for reps, you are the "Idios" or whatever the hell it is you meant.