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185 Snatch Age 51


hey all, I've been absent from the forums for a bit but was chatting with Shugs the other day and decided it was time to pop in and say Hi.

Thought I'd show you my lifetime PR 185 pound snatch I did about 4 weeks ago. If anyone has questions about O lifts I'd be happy to lend my thoughts.


Thats great and congratulations! I can't see the video though, lol.

Edit: Now I can. Awesome lift! I understand at your age you are dealing with a whole slew of issues that I don't have to worry about at this age, but can you get deeper? I bet you could get more up if the squat was lower.

It looks great though. For a second thought you were going to miss in the catch, your body turned a bit.


Awesome! very inspiring. It's also great to a great PR at 51, because sometimes I wonder if I'm too old for this! :slight_smile:

I have many questions, lol, where to start!


Thanks! I've had a couple of very serious knee surgeries that have resulted in limited flexion due to scar tissue. So what you see there is literal rock bottom for me. The "instability" at the bottom you're seeing is also likely a result of the knee issue. I'm completely unaware of it as it's happening BTW. I know it's an artifiact of my lifting but I'm not sure it's enough of a problem to put a lot of energy into, given I'm still hitting new PR's in the gym.


nice. Time to show this to my dad!


Thanks Debra. Although age can certainly be an obstacle, usually there are more significant logjams preventing progress.


Thanks! (Or, you can wait till I snatch 198 later this year :slight_smile:


At this point I wouldn't bother with it, and work with what you have. Its great that you are hitting PRs! I would go with what you are doing, it seems to be working well.


I was so confused when I read the thread title - "Who the hell is snatching 185kg at 51 years old?!?!?!!"

It makes sense now. Freakin pounds people, haha.

Congrats on the PB and still lifting despite your age/knees/etc, it's motivating to see.


Congrats on the PB!

How many years have you been OLifting?

Sharp technique and solid speed!




I've done "Variants" of these lifts (power clean/snatch from hang, with straps, etc) for many years, but never thought I could do full lifts due to knee surgeries, until about 6 years ago when I decided to try to compete, and found that my knee will in fact tolerate them.


Congratulations on the PR. You going to be joining us at Master's Nationals?


Hey Carl! No, it's KILLING me that I won't be able to make it this year, uggh. How's your lifting going?


Sorry you won't be able to be there. At least this year we are in the same age group, although I think you are in a higher weight class than me. I'm 54 and lift in the 85kg weight class.

Lifting is going OK, but rehabbing a pulled hamstring. I'm back up to 95% of what I was doing before the injury. That might be enough to win unless Michael Harada shows up. Thanks for asking.


Yeah I walk around at about 210, so I can be a 94 or a 105, last Nationals I competed as a 105


Congrats on the lift!! I do have a question do you employ the EDT for weightlifting that you wrote about in your article? If so have you tweaked anything for it?


Thanks! I use a variety of approaches (which I'd be happy to outline in more detail if anyone is interested) some of which incorporate EDT principles


love it, especially when people who hit 40 complain about getting old so they cant do anything useful in a gym!


Congrats Coach! That was an awesome looking lift for sure! Dave told me all about your PR when he got back from his stay with you out there in AZ. He was all fired up after being able to witness you make the lift. I am just glad you caught it on video so we could all share in the excitement.

All the best,


I don't have much patience for those folks, myself. Charles is one of my inspirations.