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185, 6'2 - 20yo Natural


Hi, i'm a guy from spain who recently got to know this website. Here's a litle summary of myself: I started bodybuilding at age 16, stopped after a year for 2 years and now im seriously into it again. I eat when i'm hungry and always try to eat clean. I train 2 to 3 times per week and dont take any supplements. I recently finishes a strengh routine and am doing now an optimized volume training for my pecs and triceps, as well as legs mostly.

Well, here are some pics: all coments will be welcome, thanks for reading :slightly_smiling:

Thats a picture of me @ age 18, 19 and now.


I would have never believed you were natural unless you said something. Where are the other required pics?


my back


A little animation..


I'll post leg shots in a month, cause until not so long ago i was one of those... torso-man-only :frowning:


very lean


Heres a pic i took 1 min ago, my wheels are bycicle wheels, i know :frowning: im just a newbie, remember :slightly_smiling:

I usually go 2 times a week (until now) to the gym and do:


I've been doing mostly 4x6, with 4 exercises for the big groups and 2 or 3 for the small ones.

I also swim for 30mins after each training (ive got lower back problems)

seeya and thank you for answering


sorry forgot to add the pic


Jesus mate, I know you said you never trained legs.. but thats mad


Work those legs hard!


How can you claim to be natural when it is obvious you are on creatine?


calling those pencils bicycle wheels would be generous...more like the training wheels on a barbie malibu jeep....


Workout MORE than twice a week and eat some food when your not hungry.

Seriously man you look like your anorexic.


Hahaha that's comical. Your upper arms are almost the same size as your thighs. Good work my friend. Legs are for pussies.


You're ready for the next American Pie movie good job!


give legs their own day


My legs used to be that size too, but then I started doing only squats and not only did my legs grow but everything else did too. It really helps to your overall physique to incorporate heavy lower body training. Good luck my man


I thought my legs were lagging.


That's funny: you wrote "day" when you probably meant "decade." No worries, I do that ALL the time, too.


I think i got the message :stuck_out_tongue: I'll come back here in a couple of months :smiley: