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181 Class Total

Thinking about competing in my first powerlifting meet this summer, what’s a respectable total for the 181 class? Or personally what have you seen people put up in this class or one or two above/below?

I competed as a 181, and hit a 1439 total with a 502 squat, 336 bench and 601 deadlift.

A respectable total would be 45lbs for each lift.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Be the best 181 that you can be.


those are respectable.

[quote]asooneyeonig wrote:

those are respectable.[/quote]

Google chrome told me that site had malware.

lol me too

but seriously, like T3hPwnisher said just go out there and do what you can.

i just competed for my first time a few weeks ago and it was a great experience, dont worry about numbers yet

I would agree not to worry too much about numbers. Almost everyone who competes loves the experience and it drives them to train harder.

That being said, when I think “respectable numbers,” especially at a weight class like 181, I think multiples of bodyweight can be good goals to shoot for. I would say a 1.5 x bodyweight bench, 2 x bodyweight squat, and 2.5 x bodyweight dead would be very respectable at 181. So that’s 365/275/455.

Again, maybe to you these numbers are WAY high or WAY low. The important thing is to compete if that’s what you want, and not give a shit about what other people are doing. But if you are looking for some goals, I would say those numbers are a good place to start.

Cool, thanks for the replies guys. I definitely think just the experience will be awesome for me and help me find more motivation and learn.