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181 Big Total Now or 198 Tested All Time Records Later?

Have a bit of a problem, a good problem. I have a competition coming in Sept 10. I’m not sure which weight class to do. Training has been the best it’s ever been all of my lifts are going up. I’m sitting at 193-194. Here’s the problem so I cut to 181 and try to put up a big total which I could see going 575/380/735 more or less I’m there on a good day and still have about 10 weeks. This would be about 46 lbs under the tested US total and 31lbs off the tested all time Deadlift. Or should I go as a light 198er this time and go to break those records in Feb of next year? Im thinking if I cut it could hold my progress back and wouldn’t be able to break those records in Feb but I would have a shot to put up a massive total, granted the one in Feb would be even better. Sorry thoughts are a bit scrambled. But need some opinions, thanks guys

Either way you’re killing it! No opinion on weight class as I’ve never competed, but those are awesome numbers.

Thanks. They edited my title so it doesn’t sound right. Not 198 tested record but the 181er record later.

I want your problems. Give me a few years.

In all seriousness, I’d probably go in a light 198 and then annihilate the records next year.


I was leaning towards that too. But my competitive side wants to break a 500 wilks.

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I can tell you what i would do. There is no way I am risking a realistic shot at a world record for a wilks number. That’s something no one (under those conditions) has ever lifted! You can always go after the wilks in 6-12 months time.

Come on man, eyes on the prize! Haha


Good call

Are you talking about doing a big water cut or actually trying to lose weight?

In either case, the all time record will mean more than a big total. Unless you are going to win some kind of championship or a cash prize I would hold out for the record.

I’d go as a light 198, and chase the WR, make the wilks up after if its something you really want, but I think the priority lies with the WR!

Not really a big water cut but about 11-13 lbs which I’ve done before. But it takes my body a while to put the weight solidly back on. I’ll gain about 8-9 lbs back the night of them have to fight to hold onto it the next few weeks. No real prize either and I’ll hit my wilks with the records anyway.


Yea seems like that’s what everyone thinks so I’ll probably go that route and kill it. This would be my first ever 198 comp. Those guys always looks big as Shit and I’ll only be like 192 ha ha. That’ll be fun.


This makes sense to me. Good luck dude!

The title really had me confused for a minute before I saw your other post, Jesse’s 2015 @198 could stand for a long long time.

I could see getting up there eventually cutting from 210 but not for a while. I’m still 15-18 lbs lighter than that. I aim high ha ha

I guess “testedness” affects how you recover from water cuts. If that’s the case, then definitely hold out for the record. No use in selling yourself short and sabotaging long term progress.

I don’t eat the day of but most of the weight cut is water. My body has a very hard time putting on weight. I’ve been taking a weight gainer for the last year and a half. I also tend to get busy and miss meals. All kinds of adds up

Do not cut in my opinion. Training is going the best it ever has, you keep growing, and are stronger for it. Don’t stop that short now ride it for as long as physically possible. I promise if there is one thing I wish I could go back and fix it would be my idiotic focus on staying 198-220. I would eat good, eat plenty, eat some more, and keep growing. I honestly believe I have cut my squat and bench progress 100lbs trying to stay lean and pretty. I should have just focused on cleaning my diet up to be strong as hell rather than looking sexy. Unless you know for sure 100% that a world record is going to happen the cut isn’t worth it right now.


Yea I think I’ll have a good shot at it around Feb or so.

Interesting perspective, I like it.

He’s right about that. I didn’t push to bring my body weight up when I was low 180s and it killed my lifts. I was stuck at gym total of 1450. Then started eating gaining just a few lbs and my lifts exploded.