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180kg Realistic


yo about three weeks ago i post a vid of 150kgx3, after that incorporated some chains in my training. this is 150kgx2 with 20kg of chains this was after 135x5,140x4,145x3, after i did this i did two sets of 155kg with the chains. i want to get your guys feed back. do you think it is possible to reach 180kg by the end of the year that was my goal i set 3 months ago when 150 was my max. thank [



I doubt it is possible because technique needs a lot of work if you intend to get 180kg ever.

To name a couple things....
upper back is way too loose. Tighten up and drive those elbows under the bar.

Flexibility is a big problem too - knees drift insanely far forward, you bend over like mad and you have a bit of a butt wink.

Furthermore, you are not squatting, you are doing a goodmorning. You are wearing fantastic shoes for being able to stay upright. In otherwords. sit back farther, tighten the whole back way more and practice squatting with as straight a back as possible. In the whole you of course need to drive hips to activate the big muscle of the rear chain, but your hips rise without the bar or your upper body moving. This is not efficient at all!

I would personally advocate you ditching the chains and a lot of the weight and practicing proper technique. This is my 0.02 and likely someone more experienced than me may chime in. I say take all you advice you get from an array of people and think about it... If many people tell you the same thing it is probably good advice.


k champion i take your advice on board. to address your points. i will agree that i lack flexibility although i believe that knees passing the toes is a myth. secondly have you ever tryed to do something close to your 1rm? i agree the form especially on the second rep is poor but saying that a 1rm is going to be perfect form is ridiculous.

also if you look at me while squatting side on you will see that i am in the exact same position as shown on the cover of mark rippetoes starting strength book. all in all i appreciate your post and im sure i have some things to work on but i am pretty confident that in a months time i can achieve a clean 180 squat.


As far as knee drifting forward there is nothing wrong with them drifting forward, but it's just that to the extent you are doing, you arent even really at IPF depth.... This also makes it difficult to activate the big rear chaing muscles and may be part of the reason your hips are jumping before the bar actually is. As far as having perfect form at near 1rm... True it may not be flawless but I have never seen a great squatter tip forward even 1/4 as much as you did on that 2nd rep.

PS: I am in no way a world champion but I have squatted well over triple bodyweight before so I do have some experience.


Your depth looks great. You appear quite tall. I would consider moving your stance wider. Whether or not you hit 180 by the end of the year, largely depends on how quick you are improving.



hey thanks beef! im 6ft1. you may be right about the wider stance ill will give it a go when i squat this coming week.


I think you will get 180 by the end of the year no problem, you are strong no doubt, but I think you do have a small issue in your form that will go along way in helping you achieve 180. Namely the way you come up out of the hole, your hip drive is straight up/slightly back, that's what makes you look like your good morning out of the hole, try to drive up and forward a couple of inches, like your pushing your pelvis forward as you rise. A good way to get this movement down pat is to box squat, you sit back as you squat, so it gives to follow that same path as you rise up. I don't know if you quite get me here, but think of a deadlift, once the bar gets to your knees on the lift you drive the hips forward as opposed to pulling with only the traps. Try to do a similar thing as you come up out of the hole, of course not as much, but if you focus here I think you will have it in no time mate. Nice squatting, bloody strong mate, impressive!

EDIT: I had this same problem, I am not as strong as you but when I get to 130kg I do the same thing. I have been helping this with GHR work as I needed to activate the glutes more and box squatting.

Can't wait to see you smash 180 mate.


These were my thoughts, too. The way you're squatting now your hips come straight down and you get a little bounce out of the bottom but that doesn't help at all past the first few inches (especially on the second rep). You need to learn to sit back and come out of the hole by driving your hips forward. The margin of error will be smaller squatting like that with a raised heel because if you are too loose on the descent you will fold under the weight. That's where keeping the whole back tight comes in.

I would be interested to hear your reason for using chains at this point. It seems like the chains are encouraging you to be sloppy at the bottom when they deload.


I really don't think you should be using chains yet. It's not necessary at your point in training and you definitely have some work to do on form. Don't take this as an insult, everybody could use some work on their form, including me. And I know with a 1rm form won't be perfect but judging from the video you should definitely practice proper technique. Your stance is almost olympic, which is fine if you're an olympic lifter but since you're posting in the powerlifting section I assume you want to squat the most weight possible. Spread the legs a little more and lose the shoes with raised heels, they aren't optimal for a powerlifting squat but they can help with an olympic squat. Arramzy is definitely right with his suggestions and I'd like to suggest box squats to fix your form. These will definitely teach you how to sit back and keep your weight on your heels and your back up.


x2 it also looks like your chest was done a bit and your hips were shooting up. Nothing outrageous just make sure to work on those. Did you burst any capillaries? You were looking like Red Skull for the last bit.


You're strong, for sure. But your back angle is far too horizontal and your stance is far too narrow. If you can improve these points in your form, you'll squat more efficiently and probably squat more than what you're squatting now. With these snapshots, I think you'll see how high your hips are in relation to your shoulders. The horizontal back angle is going to place a lot of the weight on your lower back instead of on your glutes and hamstrings. Best of luck.


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There is nothin wrong with a powerlifter wearing shoes with a heel. A raw lifter especially really benefits from a raise heel. Especially if he widens his stance, without the raised heel, a raw lifter will destroy his poor hips. The nike romaleos he is using are a fantastic powerlifting shoe with a 0.75 inch heel (the new model that is...).


^ I've heard the opposite from a lot of people referring to a powerlifting style squat, including some 800+ lbs squatters. But hey whatever works for you, I take back my comment about the shoes.


I think a lot of monolift squatters that squat with their legs wider than.... (insert rude reference here).... benefit from a flat sole. A lot of IPF squatters that walk out and tend to squat narrower, much prefer a heeled shoe.