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180kg Front Squat


Hey guys never really post anything but thought i would post this and see what you think.

I'm about to turn 22 on friday, i've been lifting properly for about 3 years but had 8month out due to shoulder dislocation thanks to rugby, so had a bankaurt repair. I am currently 16 and half stone 6ft :slightly_smiling:

enjoy the video and please give feedback


Another thing I am from the UK and will be doing 1RM deads tomo so will post a video at some point :slight_smile:


16.5 stone? care to put that in kg or lbs for us on the other side?


Wow that looked pretty good! Your depth was great and you managed to keep your back really tight. Good work man!


Ye sorry forgot you lot do lbs :stuck_out_tongue:
Approx - 105kg/231lb

Cheers man :slight_smile:


very solid form and heavy weight!