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180kg DL PB

Im 72kg in this vid.

a month ago

Very impressive. Can i have 1 question?

How is your diet like when you train for strength without wanting to weight to your body? You don’t eat alot, do you? Because i’m looking to train this way too. Thanks.

Zen, if you want to increase your strength while maintaining a set body weight(slow way), then don’t eat more than you need to, and just weigh yourself regularly. Don forget the essentials: protein, creatine, fish oil, etc.

Bulking and cutting seems to work faster for me with regards to upping strength and dieting back down to a certain weight, but to each his own.

Yes. you can maintain BW while having increases to strength. However, i feel that bulking up would be much faster. I am doing that right now.

My diet consists lots of clean food like chicken chops

Thanks guys, so, to maintain bodyweight while gaining strength, you generally eat less food, and lift heavy(low reps) 3x a week?

But for the food part, you only cut down on carbs/fats right? Can you cut down on protein too?

thanks alot.