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1807 Raw Total


Found this video of Hayden Baillio, totaling 1807 raw at 23 years old. Hayden was one of the top shotputters in the country before he graduated Texas A&M in 2013.

Really blown away by this kids strength (especially his bench), so I thought it was worthy of sharing.


I agree, really strong, but especially his bench is awesome. What's his bodyweight?


I would hardly call him one of the top shotputters in the country. He was a lot like Jimmie Pacifico in that he was good with the 12 pound high school shot but never really made it to the next level with the 16 pound shot.


Honestly I'm not sure. I would say he's probably in the 275's.


Interesting. I havent looked into it too much, but I thought I saw he was throwing close to 21 meters. But again, I didnt look into it too much.

I remember watching his 75' throw on youtube and thinking "what the absolute fuck". I actually stalked his facebook... kid looks a gorilla.


I looked it up. He was ranked #23 in the U.S. in 2013 with a 64-5 throw. He also went to the University of Texas and not Texas A&M. I think he has a lot of powerlifting promise.


I stand corrected.

But yes, agreed. If I remember correctly, Ryan Kennelly benched 500 naturally and look where he went...


I've met a couple of ex-shotputters in the gym before, they've all had pretty strong benches.


I just found out yesterday he's in the 308s. Strong as shit.


I'm an ex shotputter (actually more of an ex discus thrower) but my bench press sucks. Long arms are great for the discus, not so much for the bench press.