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1800+ Raw Total And 800+ Deadlift Drug Free 181 Class

Beltless highbar squat yesterday up to 335x20.


Hit 4 sets of 6 at 596 beltless sumo yesterday first 3 sets moved easy. Last one i was definitely getting tired.

Squatted up to a double at 540 today and pulled 405x10 snatched grip conventional. Squat felt a bit heavy but moved good for being two days after all that deadlift volume.


Highbar squat top set 355 beltless for 18.


High rep squats are killer. Nothing like them. Are these fairly straight through or do you rest much with the bar on your back?

Also - beltless? I assume this is to help you breath? I get 10-12 reps in to 20 reps and I’m sucking in the air but the belt really hinders me.

Pretty straight through. They seem to help my low bar cause highbar is harder out of the hole for me and when I hit low bar it just feels so much stronger. Beltless has just been for the hell of it, no real reason.

355lb, 18 reps straight through. That pretty intimidating.
I use mine more like breathing squats to help build mass / manage body fat levels. The more squats I do the less fat I tend to hold.

Thanks for the feed back!

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I hope this is true for me. I am bulking, and adding in legs on my upper body days to hopefully not gain a bunch of fat. Back can’t handle a lot of squats ATM, so I am belt squatting. Still squatting on my leg day though.

Yeah - it might be rose tinted glasses but when ever I add in widow maker set (20 rep back squat) I feel more trim. Like my midsection is firmer. And trousers fit easier.

If you are bulking I think squats can play a great role in making sure you don’t get fat. They just turn on the bodies anabolic process. And all spare calories going straight into building muscle.

That is what I am hoping. I have only been squatting once per week as I am trying to get out of the back pump life. If I just keep pushing, I’ll have back pumps every squat or deadlift day. If I pull back just a bit, it is a week or two, then I can go harder. Box squats seem pretty good too for the back pumps.

My gym just got a nice belt squat, so I have been using that (leg press gives me back pumps too, but not the belt squat). I am on a blast, so fat gain isn’t quite as much of a concern, but I’d really like to be one of those guys that adds 10-15 lbs, and looks leaner. Maybe I am dreaming lol.

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Legs were sore from that highbar squat day. Was hoping to take 551 for a double and it moved great. Felt like I had a third if I wanted it. Didn’t want to push it.

Thinking about going for 565x2-4 on squat Friday if I’m feeling good. 2 should definitely be there but I do not want to fail a rep. If I can hit 3 or 4 i may be giving 590-600 a shot the following week.

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Here’s the 551x2. Today didn’t feel as strong on squat. Managed a double at 565. Deadlift moved pretty good after it with a 651 beltless 4x4 first 3 sets were quick and started to move a bit slower then took a few minutes before the final ath and it moved relatively easy.


Video of my 565 squat double and first set of 651 beltless deadlift 4x4. Hope the clip works cause it’s showing up weird on my end. Login • Instagram

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Got sick for a few days and then tweaked my upper back yesterday. Managed 668 for 3 sets of 4 beltless but thought I was doing 679. Added the bar like it was the Texas squat bar. Mad about that one, but it moved good for just getting done being sick. Didn’t get tested so don’t know if it was covid lol.

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