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1800+ Raw Total And 800+ Deadlift Drug Free 181 Class


So what’s the plan moving forward?

I think you might benefit from changing things up for a couple months, either focusing on variations or just doing lighter volume work. The thing is that by always training the same lifts you keep stressing the connective tissues at the same angle, and you are lifting some big weights too.


Well right before I got all messed up I planned to do my heavy work on deadlift with a stiff bar and pull speed work with mid 6 on a deadlift bar the second pull day. Squat I think I finally figured out so going to continue what i was doing there. Bench I’m kind of just taking what I can get cause it’s awfully difficult to press 405. I’ve been benching 365+ for 4-5 years I believe.


Just a suggestion, but what I’m thinking is maybe pull heavy conventional and squat high bar or SSB, do the comp. versions for speed work or lighter rep work. For bench I guess you would want to take the strain off the elbow so wide grip, dumbbell, and stuff like that, maybe take it easy with the benching until your elbow feels better.


Actually my elbow feels about 95% now. But I really don’t do conventional often because it beats my back up too much causing my squat and deadlift to just suffer.


Does your gym have a trap bar? Or maybe sumo deficit DL with a stiff bar, that might be enough of a change to let you heal up. I would just try to make things challenging without lifting anything too heavy in any exercise too closely resembling your comp. squat and deadlift.


Is their a mental aspect to getting that 405 you reckon?


Yea but I don’t think I’ve ever used a trap bar. I just want to get back to the comp lifts and get the weight back up then I may be doing something like that.


Possibly. I hit a nice 400 and get 405 stalls halfway or buries me


The idea is that the trap bar would be easier on your back than conventional. I would just look at different options to take a break from heavy comp lifts for a while, unless you don’t give a fuck and just want to set records right now you need to look at the long term.


Honestly I feel like i haven’t been focusing on improving my lift this year. I might do variations but I like the banded sumo, paused deadlift and stiff bar more than something completely different. It keeps my form sharp.


Curls will solve all problems lol

How about a Hypertrophy focused cycle of training? Might let all your injuries have a break because we can pretty much work around anything or do injury prevention stuff and you can still stay sharp technique wise in the comp movements if they are kept in


That’s probably the best thing for the short term, but when you start getting a bunch of overuse injuries you need to do something. Anyway, I’m not your coach, just giving you some suggestions.


Here’s a clip from today. 405x14 squat and 635x3 paused deficit deadlift. Hit 585x3 before 635.


405 all day. How do you get gud at rep squats. I’m terrible at them


I think it came with the weight. My best squat in sleeves is 165lbs more.


Benched up to 320x6 and 355x3 gonna add a clip at some point today of the 355.


I would have thought 405 was there all day based on how that first rep of 355 looked.


I have missed it a little past halfway the last two times I’ve tried. Right now my strength isn’t quite there yet. Surprised it is coming back quickly though.


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