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1800+ Raw Total And 800+ Deadlift Drug Free 181 Class


Need to hit more dumbbell work. My bench was strongest when I hit the 140s for 8 and 150s for 5. Hit the 90s for 28 yesterday so off to a good start.


Pushing front squat, knee feels pretty much normal. Taking back squat up adding 25s every session or 2. Front squat top set was 315x7 with an 8th there. Think my best is only 9 or 10


Hit top sets on decline 365x3, 395x2


Been taking it easy the last few days. Had to get an x ray on my arm and taking anti inflammatories round the clock. Dr said if it doesn’t help to get an mri. Was told the mri is what’s needed but insurance companies won’t pay to have that done before an x ray. He’s trying to get me back to it as quick as possible. So far my arm is feeling a lot better. Before, I just took something in the morning and would still be in pain all day


What happened to your arm?


Must be bad he isn’t posting.


Just got caught up in this thread. I hope your knee and arm are feeling better man. What’s the status?


Honestly don’t really know. Felt a pain in back tip of the elbow a few weeks ago while shoulder pressing. I only do light shoulder presses anymore and think I was using 35s or 40s. A day or two later was doing dumbbell row with a 140 and my elbow/forearm didn’t feel right. Next day I couldn’t bend it all the way or straighten it all the way without a lot of pain. It wouldn’t straighten at all till just recently. Pain had been slowly going away. I went to the gym for the first time yesterday. Today squatted up to 245x5 no pain in my knee but didn’t want to push it. I really don’t know what’s up with either, one minute they feel normal the next I can feel there is definitely something wrong. Most likely scheduling an mri this week.


Sorry to hear that, hope you get things sorted out.


Arm and knee are finally feeling like they are coming around. May still get an mri this week. Squatted up to 365x5 and deadlifted up to 405x10. Still holding back a good bit. Also I think I mentioned I banged my finger pretty good two months ago. I was putting my sleeves in my bag and finally lost the nail so I’m happy about that.


Did something stupid, hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite me. Squatted up to 385x5 then deadlifted with a top set of 495x16 which i believe is a pr for me. I have done 495 or 500x15 before. Going to dial it back a bit for the next week or so. Any squats past 315 will probably be reverse band. And pulling no more than 500 for easier sets.


Hey, if you can’t lift heavy you might as well do some cardio.


Trying not to overdo it but feeling much better. Did some light stuff but also barbell rowed up to 225x15 and dB pressed up to 115s x15


On my way back, along with the pulls in the clip I squatted 340x10 stupid easy so things are going well.


Squatted up to 365x15 then pulled a max reps set with 405 for 25. The 595 reps two days ago hurt my arm a bit so I’ll have to keep it under that for at least a week I think


Did you end up seeing anybody for your injuries?


I went to a dr and got an x ray. Did round the clock anti inflammatories but that wasn’t working so switched to cbd oil twice a day and seems to be working. Dr was going to try to get me setup to get an mri but I figured I’d try the cbd oil first and it’s working. I can push, just not that hard yet as far as weight.


Alright sounds good. Just a lot of people want the peace of mind of knowing what’s up. Or are you like injuries is part of Powerlifting


Yea i was a bit worried about my arm until I saw some improvement. Usually injuries don’t stay for more than a few days with me.


Benched yesterday up to 345x2 with good pauses. Not easy but the first time over 285 in maybe 2 weeks. Also hit 315x4 with good pauses before it. Will add a clip of the 345 to this post in a few hours