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1800+ Raw Total And 800+ Deadlift Drug Free 181 Class


Need to hit more dumbbell work. My bench was strongest when I hit the 140s for 8 and 150s for 5. Hit the 90s for 28 yesterday so off to a good start.


Pushing front squat, knee feels pretty much normal. Taking back squat up adding 25s every session or 2. Front squat top set was 315x7 with an 8th there. Think my best is only 9 or 10


Hit top sets on decline 365x3, 395x2


Been taking it easy the last few days. Had to get an x ray on my arm and taking anti inflammatories round the clock. Dr said if it doesn’t help to get an mri. Was told the mri is what’s needed but insurance companies won’t pay to have that done before an x ray. He’s trying to get me back to it as quick as possible. So far my arm is feeling a lot better. Before, I just took something in the morning and would still be in pain all day