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1800+ Raw Total And 800+ Deadlift Drug Free 181 Class


Yea hoping the transition is smooth


Today was rough. Got up at 4 to hit the gym for 515. My buddy over slept so was 40 minutes late. I pulled on a stiff bar for the first time in a while up to 675x2 and 695x1. Think I said it before but Going to use the stiff bar for regular deadlift day and pull against bands with the deadlift bar the second day for a few weeks. I’ll take 695 considering last week’s 735 on a deadlift bar felt just as bad and warm ups for that felt great. Followed it with squats top set 475x5 with 1 left. Wondering if lifting mornings on am empty stomach effects my Max strength much. Weighed 195.5 this morning


Strength looks pretty good to me. Quality


Its not great at the moment. I’ve pulled 755x2 and squatted 475x8 not long ago. But squat does seem to be doing much better already. Deadlift is going to require some work


Squatted reverse band then Pulled against bands today. (Saturday) top set on reverse band squat was 495x10. Band takes off about 75 lbs in the hole. Pulled against bands up to a top set of 595 plus 200lbs of bands x4. These were pretty rough. My buddy that was pulling with me has a bit longer pull and was lifting the 110 and 120 lb weights on the side so we had to add 45s to keep the band’s from coming up. Talked to the gym about getting a platform or not down some clips for deadlifts since their redoing the back room.


Really pissed don’t know what the hell happened. went to roll my back and as I was squatting don’t I had a crazy pain in my right knee. Literally so bad I just dropped to the ground cause it hurt so much. Falling apart right now.


That sucks, hopefully it’s nothing serious. The only thing I could suggest is doing some myofascial release work on your quads and front of your shin (anterior tibialis), foam rolling your IT bands could help if it’s on the outside of your knee. Otherwise go see a sports doctor.


Might need to take some rest. You take anything for joint health?


Its only gonna slow me down. For years or was just my back giving me problems now it seems like it’s everything else. I take cbd oil and it fixed my shoulder completely. No problems since the first day I took it and had pain /discomfort for like 2 months leading up to trying it.


Hate that for you man, hope you figure something out.


Just gonna have to take it easy till it feels good. Did heavy row up to 315x8 and squat increasing with quarters up to 275x5 no pain.


Don’t break before you reach the goal. Take some down time before you are forced into down time!


Best of luck dude hopefully it’s nothing too serious. Maybe just find ways to train around it and keep muscle like 15 sets of leg extension and ham curls


Was a bench day worked up to 315x3 close grip paused. Then back down to 275x7, got to talking a bit and forgot I only dropped it to 265. Unracked it thinking it felt heavy for being 255 I hit 9 with one in the tank. Then I wanted to see how my knee felt to deadlift. Was only planning to go up to 405 for a set of 5. It was feeling decent though and kept adding plates. Got to 675x4 and miss groved coming down so couldn’t hit a fifth. Keep in mind is all gym plates and beltless cause I didn’t plan this. Loaded 765 for a single that moved well. Said f it and loaded 800 broke it just off the floor a few inches and missed it. I think with a light warm up, gym plates and a belt I could pull 800 or more fairly smooth. And I wonder why I keep hurting myself lol. Everyone else is pulling on gym plates. Might as well give it a shot.


Really, it works that good? I was looking into it since weed/associated stuff is legal now in Canada, before you could get it but apparently the concentration was usually much lower than claimed and I also heard people saying it was bullshit.


Yea. I got one that was a spray 500 mg for pain. Works awesome. Unfortunately I keep pushing my knee hard and it doesn’t want to heal up.


Hit 330 paused on bench for two sets of 4 then 355 with the slingshot for 7.5. Skipping tomorrow to try and let me knee heal. It feels good but I know if I push it itll just hurt again


Ended up coming in. I’m going to pull conventional and front squat until my knee heals up. Pulled a 15 lb pr conventional today at 655. Back off set with 425x14 wasn’t too bad either but my hamstrings were burning.


Benched today, wanted 335 for 3 sets of 5 tng but it didn’t move that great so settled for 4x4. Went for 365 max reps with the slingshot at the end and hit the rack coming up on the fifth one. Probably had 6 maybe 7 in me. Knee feels better today than it did the day after pulling sumo. Hoping it’ll be good within a week or two


Did some front squats today and but if back and leg press. Top set of front squat was 275x10. Fairly easy just had the bar slipping off towards the end. Probably could hit like 15 if it wouldnt roll.