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1800+ Raw Total And 800+ Deadlift Drug Free 181 Class


Benched late tonight after hunting so like 830 and took my weakest preworkout at 100 MG caffeine. Worked up to 355x2 paused then 385. I forgot what i was doing and kind of remembered I was pausing as it hit my chest so it was not the cleanest or longest pause. I’ll link the clip in here tomorrow. Been up super late the last few days and it sucks.


Man with that speed you would have no doubt had 600.


Felt that way. Especially just warm up and hit it instead of the 525 set. That was actually going to be my top set to see how it felt. Then said f it load 585.


Paused bench on 100mg caf and a late night lol from the other day. Hit deadlifts up to a beltless 675x3 on a stiff bar tonight but no time for anything else.


Squatted up to 450x10 today. 5lb pr for a set of 10 in sleeves. No spotter so didn’t push for an 11th


Slingshot bench from yesterday. 430x2 then Db press for 8’s with 100,110, 120 , 130 and 140s. 140s clip also there.


Man squats felt terrible today. Planned to wrap and go 550 for 3-4, got a medium speed 1 and said f that. Walked out of the gym lol


Strengths been down recently. Think I’m taking preworkout too late cause of hunting and it’s keeping me up. Been going to bed at like midnight and just feeling run down. Squats today, knew nothing good would be there so did paused squats for a pr of 425x10. Some conventional deadlift after up to a single at 585 and 485x10.


Pr paused bench double and cleaned up the 385 single yesterday. Squat feel alright deadlift is not going that great right now.


Couple different lifts from the last week.


Right knee had been giving me problems the last two days. Possibly hurt it hunting almost falling off a tree into a river with about 60 lbs of deer corn on my shoulder at night. Was locking weird on deadlifts the next day and felt swollen yesterday so I skipped. Today I was able to squat fairly well and conventional pull a pr 4 rep set. Seems like it’s healing up. Squatted 405x5, 455x5, 485x5. Conventional deadlift up to a smooth 585x4. I think my best ever set of 4 might only be around 550 before. Today would’ve been the day I competed so guess it’s good I didn’t sign up.


Damn dude that 405 was right there.


Yea. 405 bench and 785 deadlift have been laughing at me for a few months.


Knees really pushing me off right now. Breeches today and finally felt like I got in enough water throughout the day and it went great. Did spoto press with top sets at 320x3, 350x2, 370x1


Skipped squats and Pulled today. Wore a compression cuff similar to how woolam does and it made a decent difference. Warming up felt a bit off with my right knee but the top two sets felt good. A little shaky (knee wise) but good. Managed I believe two separate rep prs 650x8 and 705x4. Body weight is down to 193 but I forced myself the last two days to drink a lot of water and seems to be paying off strength wise. I’ll post clips tomorrow.


Been a bit. Knees feeling better. Squatted 405x8 two days ago. Was called out on my out deadlift me shirt today so pulled against the other top deadlifter at the gym. He hit 705 and missed 735 I hit 735 and tried for 760 and it wasn’t moving lol. Not my best deadlift day. I think it’s possible from slacking on squats while my knee healed. For reference I squatted 450x10 before messing up my knee and today after deadlifts hit 455x5 a little rough. I did miss lunch so that may have some effect. Time to push the squat back up. I also switched back to my slightly lower heel shoe.


Squatted reverse bands today even 465 on my back felt heavy. Hit 10 with 2 in the tank. Bands take off 70 lbs in the hole. Getting back into squat slow. My legs are not used to all the work after only a week of no squatting. Pulled against bands after that up to 495 for 6 paused reps. First 495 set screwed up the band setup and put the weight down on my foot. But moved my feet in a hair and feels like I may be into something. Going to be tweaking deadlift the next few weeks.


Hit some decline bench for the first time in months. Shakey but weight moved well. Worked up to 380x2 barely missing a third from getting out of the groove. Gonna see if this helps the top of my bench.


Going to start lifting in the mornings. Going late had been keeping me up. Plus now it frees up time to hunt. Hit it today at 6am. Definitely going to take a few days getting used to it. Squats moved slow but managed 425x10 with maybe one in the tank. Not bad seems to be coming back.


I made that switch to lifting in the AM about 10 months ago. It does take a while to get used to it but once you do its no different than lifting at night. Plus i feel like i have alot more energy throughout the day and when i do go to sleep i crash hard.