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1800+ Raw Total And 800+ Deadlift Drug Free 181 Class


My back needs time to loosen up and I’m by no means a morning person. Usually 198+ is afternoon session.


I’ve been forced to lift in mornings now with kids and oddly enough since then I’m the strongest I’ve ever been (not saying much) lol. But you do get used to it


Benching with feet on the bench. Don’t worry back fine just wanted to bench a bit differently and didn’t expect it to be this easy to go heavy. 350x3, 370x1, 380x1


Does that mean you aren’t getting much out of your leg drive and arch or both because they are like related so working on them will get you to 4 plates?


Id say I get about what the average person gets. You can see the 380 was a grind. The other day I most likely could’ve paused 390 for a single if I didn’t go 370,380,390. So about 10lb plus a pause for a rep that would be (hopefully) smoother.


Bench felt shitty but still managed a Slingshot pr hitting a single at 455. The heat is really bringing my lifts down. Yesterday squat were terrible for the first time in a while as well working up to a rough 525x2. I need to force myself to drink more water consistently. I’ll post the 455 single in this post today or tomorrow. On a great day I could see pushing it higher than I thought. Maybe 475 range.


Terrible day today. Pulled a decent 705 and jumped for 790, left side broke the ground slow and right side looks like it barely moved. Moved to squats which also felt like crap and shut down at 405 x3. pulled 640x1, a 5 lb all time pr conventional after 585x3 at the end so That’s been doing surprisingly well. 650-660 on a fresh day might be possible.


What are you learning about your recovery and lifts in that upper range? Have you noticed a pattern with how your lifts are affected post hitting a huge lift?

Seems like you hit something big then your lifts suffer for up to a month afterward…how can this be remedied?

Maybe cut back on the intensity some and work in a lower percentage range for awhile and slowly creep it up…


I feel more that over 95% tends to beat me up a lot more than less. But have to get used to heavy weight. 95% of my best pull is only 736 and on a great day I could possibly triple that. No way around it. Though I need to go lighter some days when I still push. Idk. I figure new stuff out all the time. Just need to keep working at it.


There is a chart the big boys always talk about. That a famous coach built from his athletes performance. Poliquin or something like that. It prescribed the number of lifts in a percentage range for optimal recovery and growth. In the 90% range it is like 3 lifts a week in that range. I’m not sure if that is per exercise or what…

Just following your log it seems that you are overreaching to often and then get frustrated when your body is telling you to slow down or it needs more recovery from the volume at the intensity levels you are doing…just my 2 cents.

Edit: here is what a quick search turned up

You are obviously an advanced or elite lifter and the same old training program won’t work for your strength levels and recovery. You also may be interested in following ed coan’s Peaking programming it worked for the goat and you are working to beat his numbers…


Opening day of deer season started the other day. We have earn a buck so have to kill a doe first, smoked my doe opening day evening. Took off all week from work to hunt. Tomorrow’s Monday and a hurricane will be screwing me over the next few days.


640 conventional single at the end of the day. This was also the day I attempted 790. Nothing moved well that day. 705 warm up moved alright.


Long day today, hunted the evening then straight home to the gym. Got done at 11 and was hooking up a hitch to my car so I can save some gas instead of taking the truck every day. Smashed the shit out of my middle finger. Nice big blood blister under most of the nail. Glad I did my main pull day earlier. Pulled 695 for 2 sets of 3 and a set of 4.


Please elaborate…


Lol that was auto correct I meant hitch


Dang, now my search history has some really odd searches for fuel saving techniques…autocorrect OP


290x12 kept it lighter so I didn’t have to hold the bar too tight. Don’t know if I’ll be able to deadlift today or not


Rough day. I gotta force myself to drink more water. I do then slack on it. Squats up to 3 sets of 4 with 500 then speed work for deadlift that moved absolutely terrible 625 6 singles about 40 seconds between each. Didn’t even know if id be able to hook grip with my finger still a bit swollen and some pain on the tip. Seemed to be ok once I got into it. Bodyweight is sitting at a low 194. Also tried out new shoes with a.75 heel vs the .60 I’ve been using.


Been a few days since smashing my finger and I am fairly certain I’m going to lose the nail. Just glad it wasn’t the thumb. Then i wouldnt be able to hook grip.


First day trying wraps in months, second session in New shoes and self wrapped (Which I suck at). Hit a 15 lb all time best single with 585 after a set of 525x4. On the way up all I thought was I shouldve loaded 600. Should be into the 600s with some practice and minus the set of 4 before lol. Will post a clip tomorrow. So as of now best lifts are 585/385/775 - 1745, deadlift was not too recent but that 755x2 means 775 should be there. Weighing in at 195 tonight.

Just looked it up that would put my wrapped total at number 11 all time tested at 198 just ahead of Vince Anello