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1800+ Raw Total And 800+ Deadlift Drug Free 181 Class


Huge deadlift clip coming soon. Heavy as shit but smooth all the way through.


Hey man, I’ve been reading through your log and insta your crazy strong man. I assume you realize that if your 745x2 deadlift translates to over 755 in a meet and you can do the weight cut while maintaining strength, that gives you the second highest deadlift in 181 history! Keep it up!
Side note: I’d watch out for Ben pollack this weekend he pulled 795 in training. Other side note: if you want to build an Instagram following you could definitely make it onto king of the lifts with your numbers


Yea I’ve pulled 749.6 in comp at just under 189 when my best double was 725. Then managed 775 a few months later while my double was the same. I personally think dmitrys 881@181 was a load of shit. Along with the 181 record it would be awesome to be the lightest person to ever pull 800 in a tested meet. I’ve had my 775 pull posted to king of the lifts but don’t think that guy likes me much for some reason lol i see a lot of the same people on there so idk.

After pulling the 755x2 last night I can confidently Say the tested 181 and 198 deadlift records are in danger.


755x2 with hook grip



Oh just 755 for a double? No big deal.


Possibly going for 800-815 off 1" blocks with uncalibrated plates next week. Going to see how I feel. Would like to hit 815 but that shit just whips like crazy.


Forgot to post but a best on incline bench the other night. 285x5 and 315 double. Probably could push it a bit more.


370,380 paused bench. Missed 390 then hit a paused triple with 340. 390 would be a 5 or 10 lb all time best. Would have been there if I went for it after 370.


Damn dude, thats strong. 800 will be yours soon


I think so too. Before the 745 and 755 double my foot angle was off and I couldn’t break 785 off the floor. Changed it a hair and everything is moving great. Wouldn’t be surprised to pull 785 with a few lbs in the tank.


Its pretty exciting once you figure out how to get gains rolling again. Its the small things lol


It really is. Literally pointing my feet out about an inch more


Normally I try not to bench heavy two days in a row. 315x3 with like 3-5 second pauses was the last raw set then added the maddog. 365x1, 405x1, 430x1, then smoked 445 easier than 430 for an all time pr. Thinking 455 is there on a fresh day like today. Bodyweight is sitting about 196 throughout most of the day. No video unfortunately.

Also forgot hit incline Db press for some reps
75s x15, 90s x15 and 105s x10.


Feeling strong. Tied my best ever wrapped squat in sleeves today with about 10 lbs in the tank. 570x1. I feel that would be the higher side of 590-610 in wraps hit a smooth 380 bench this week and a double with 755 on deadlift. Should be closing on that 1800 in wraps sooner than I thought, granted my total didn’t move much until I started pushing harder. Though at 198 class. Video will be added to this post at some point tonight. 455x9 back down set after. No vid


Killed it man


Rough day. Managed to work up to a double at 315 on incline bench but would’ve liked a triple. Just wasn’t into it today. Also did Db press 115s x16,13


815 from 1" blocks. Stomach felt like shit too so skipped squats so I didn’t have to throw my shorts away.


Felt a bit beat up today. I hate lifting in the morning. Just another reason I need to do 181 then bump up. Threw some weights on the bar for squat and managed a pr with a rep in the tank. 475x8 could’ve went 9 but no spotters. Speed work on deadlift dropped to 605 cause that big pull took a lot out of me. Bodyweight is also down a hair to 194. Squat seems to be going awesome right now. Followed by deadlift and bench is feeling good but just not as up as the other two lifts right now.


Possibly something big going down Oct 6. I’m about 50/50 right now. Anyone in the Allentown PA area may want to follow closely to my posts. Nothing is set in stone but I’m well within cutting range.


Samesies I dunno what it is but like I always peak performance wise as it gets later in the day