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1800+ Raw Total And 800+ Deadlift Drug Free 181 Class


Worked up to a possible all time pr double squat or at least tied it with 535x2. Came for 3 but upper mid back has been a bit weird lately. Two days ago I stopped at a hard 425x6. After the double I hit a single at 555, 5lbs off my best ever in sleeves. Then dropped to 455x7 and 415x5-paused. Bodyweight came back down to 194 and started drinking a lot of water again


I think go for it man


The only down side is now i feel all those record went from my finger tips to 1-2 years away. But I would like to be able to Mention a lift and not have to put a bodyweight next to it for it to be crazy.


You could still chase the records you’re chasing then chase the other ones in the higher weight classes



Started with incline bench today worked up to an all time pr. Main sets were 255x3, 285x1, 315x1, 330x1, 255x7. Need to push harder.


Going to wreck shit soon enough. Squatted a pr double 535 2, 555x1 then dropped to 455x7 and 415x5-paused on Tuesday. Legs were sore as shit today. Wanted to mess with my deadlift form because the shins bleeding means something isn’t on point. Small change and hit an all time pr double 745x2 on deadlift today. Got a bit over confident on the second and almost paid for it. Crazy how small changes can make a lift much harder. Hit a drop set of 655x7 with an 8th most likely there.


Going to try to pull 755x2 next week when I’m a bit less beat up.


Squatted today. Went 405x5, 425x5, 445x5, 465x7 then pulled 645 for 6 singles about 40 seconds between each. Not as fast as I’d like but decent enough.


If you can break records in the 181 class right now then go for it, otherwise there is no reason not to move up a weight class. You would just be holing yourself back from more progress.

What is your bench training like these days? My bench seems to be stuck right now and I’m looking for some new ideas. I have something in mind, but when I see you moving big weights with those long arms it makes me wonder what is really going on.


Deadlift wise I feel I could do 771+, but I’m a good bit over my weight class so idk. There is a meet coming Oct 6 but I haven’t trained in me wraps. Strong, Just kind of a mess right now. Bench is struggling. Squat and deadlift are doing great. I’ll never be a big bencher though.


How much was the record you are trying to break again?

Who says you need to squat in wraps at the meet? There is a raw without wraps category, isn’t there?

Your bench is decent for your weight, you also have long arms which makes it more impressive. In a way, not like some clowns who think sumo is cheating.


The record is 766 goal would be beat it on the second and attempt 800 or closest kg conversion over. Not quite at 800 though. I want to do wraps cause the wrapped and unwrapped total is the same 1768 now. I will have to weigh a little closer to my class for a cut. The other night I stepped on the scale at 203 granted I drank as much water as I could right before to see what I could have the scale say lol. Weighed in right now at 196. If I was 193-194 that would be a smooth cut. I just don’t feel like competing cause I really wanted to take a shot at both records unofficial. Total may be just out of grasp without and practice in wraps.


Are you going to stick with your Inzer wraps or try another pair? I serious recommend getting some stronger wraps, the ones you have are just about the weakest ones on the market these days.


Stick with them for now. I’ve probably used wraps less than 20 times in my life lol


Been reading through your log. Just curious if you auto regulate your training based on how you feel that day? And what split do you typically use? If you posted this before sorry I missed it several posts here :-/

In any case good job on your progress and good luck in the future.


I hit main lifts but the weight depends how I feel. Days are bench, squat, Bench, deadlift and squat, Bench, squat deadlift, off. With back thrown in daily and also depending how i feel and what i want to hit the next day.


I’ve considered something like that for myself. Like heavy first 3 and speed work last three.Thanks for quick reply. Good luck with your goals!


Learned my lesson, didn’t know how squat was going to go. I wanted 550 for a double (15 lb pr double) hit it but didn’t record it. Possibly trying a single around 570-575 in sleeves next week. Best ever sleeved squat is 560, 570 in wraps. Bodyweight was also around 195 for this. Trying to keep it under control.


Did paused bench top sets were 325x4, 340x3, 365x1
some back and dumbbell press 130s for 10,11,8.5