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1800+ Raw Total And 800+ Deadlift Drug Free 181 Class


Tested out squat tonight. Kept it light and controlled 405 for 2 sets of 8 and one of 10. All moved well. Really want to bump the weight up but going to go back slow to make sure my back is solid.


What happened to your back?

It sounds weird hurting yourself warming up, one time I was warming up (on a deload week of all times) and my back kind of locked up with like 225 or 185 or something ridiculously light on the bar. I had a similar feeling before so I figured out what it was, my psoas and QL basically just went into spasm but I was able to release the and still get through my workout. Have you been sitting a lot? Do you have tight hip flexors, a tight lower back, or are you stuck in anterior pelvic tilt?

What I did is basically a modified version of something I saw on Kabuki movement systems, I laid on my back with my feet on the couch, hips and knees at 90 degrees. I put a lacrosse ball under my QL and dug into my psoas with a massage stick (theracane, you could use some other blunt object as well), just rolled around a bit on the ball and moved my leg in and out. Maybe this could help you as well.


Not sure what happened. Just unracked 315 and the center right of my back got painfully tight. Last time I pushed through it to 405 and messed myself up bad. This time I racked the weight and left. Seems to be fine now.


It sounds similar happened to me. Try loosening up your psoas/hip flexors and QL to keep this from happening again.


Pulled up to 685 against bands. It’s a new setup so I don’t know the tension and I need to change it again. Dropped back to 645 plus bands x4 then still managed to squat 445x10. I thought my best was 11 otherwise I would’ve went for an 11th rep but it was only 10. Knee was bleeding at 595. The 405 Slingshot was the day before for a triple which is an all time best but with the maddog.


Solid squat day. 500x6, think my best ever was 495x5 when I hit a single at 560. https://instagram.com/p/BmEoNVGlp5t/


Solid reps man


Well, it looks like your back is better. That’s some good squatting, based on that I would think you could squat about 600 in sleeves. Do you have a meet coming up soon or what?


I will be looking to compete in October. I did get something in the mail for jury duty so hoping that won’t interfere with it. I don’t think 600 yet, but would like to go 570+ next time I max.


Jury duty would suck. I don’t know how it works in the US but here in Canada I hear people get screwed over financially because you have to miss work and they give you bullshit money. I would show up for the jury selection wearing a swastika shirt or something like that to look crazy and make sure I don’t get selected. Or maybe one of those long robes some muslims wear, plus a turban.


I will be wearing sweat pants this time around lol it also interferes with hunting season. Yea they pay shit but my job will still pay me.

Additional note, I didn’t eat all day and was planning to skip the gym cause I was busy but went in for a little bench and ended up with an all time pr 285x12. No lift off, no spot. 13 was probably there


How is it that your job will still pay you? That sounds like a good deal. From what I understand, in most countries at least, you get some small daily pay from the government and your employer has to hold your job for you. If it’s a short case then it won’t be a big deal but if it’s a murder trial or something like that which goes on for months then that is where people have problems.

A guy was telling me years ago that he was subpoenaed as a witness and he was supposed to get something like $40-60 per day, they never ended up giving him anything and he figured it wasn’t worth fighting for it either. As far as I’m concerned, it’s better to have nothing to do with the legal system at all.


I work for a fairly large family business.


As in your family?


Yea, it’s basically has three bosses the guy that helped start the company money wise. He’s a silent partner then my uncle and his friend are the other two. Easy job until it grew like crazy the last two years. I used to get out at 1-2. Now I’m stuck until 3-4 every day.


Worked up to a pr reverse band squat 610. Absolutely smoked it. Really thought it’d be much harder. 535 in the hole.


That’s cool, always better to work for people who actually care about you.

Do you find you get much out of reverse band squats? I tried that a bit and it didn’t seem to do anything for me, but I know of other people like Brandon Lilly who seem to like them. What I tried in my last meet prep cycle was heavy walkouts after my top set, like 110-120% of my max and just stand there for 10 seconds. It makes everything else seem lighter, as you could imagine.


I use them the same way to feel heavy weight. But also hit a decent weight squat. I feel it does help as long as I don’t grind any reps. I may unrack about 635 to give it a feel soon.

Programming Powerbuilding

Pulled 600x almost 9 with a stiff bar and calibrated plates. A hair away from lockout on the 9th. My best ever was 10 with a deadlift bar and uncalibrated plates.


As I sat at home last night I was thinking it might be time to move on to bigger things. I stepped on the scale and saw 200 for the first time in my life. I think I might be ready to bump to the 198 class and attempt to get to 210 and kill it in my new home. What are your thoughts guys?