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1800+ Raw Total And 800+ Deadlift Drug Free 181 Class


Did a 600 reverse band squat yesterday. Weight was 520-525 in the hole. Benching today than if I hit this big pull tomorrow I believe it’ll be the heaviest deadlift done at that gym ever. Powerhouse so no longer at a health and wellness center lol


Shit day as far as sumo goes. Did pull a nice pr triple conventional though. 600x3 within the last 6-7 sessions back pulling conventional I’ve put 35-40lbs on my best ever triple. Think I’ve said it before but id like to pull a single around 675-700 in a few months conventional to see how squat and sumo respond.


445x10 squat. Feel like i smoked it. 10 lb all time rep pr for me.


Not the greatest pull but I’ll take it. 815 single off 2" blocks.


jesus you look massive. what’s your height and weight? awesome pull


Lol thanks. I’m 5’8" and was about 195 for that pull. Normally about 191-192 but been getting heavy lately. Going to have to watch my weight


Where would an 815 pull off the floor put you in terms of going for a world record at your weightclass?


I was wondering the same thing, I already knew your weight but based on proportions I figured you were like 5’3". Gravity must be weaker in New Jersey


Granted these plates give more whip but 815 from the floor would put me about 10-11lbs under the 198 record that Jesse Norris has. If I cut to 181 which I was doing up until my last meet it would be 50 lbs over ed coans record.


Lol the plates stacked out gives the illusion in much shorter


Wow that is ridiculous lol


Hit a new best in Slingshot bench. I’ve hit 435 in the yellow Slingshot but it fits tighter so not sure how it really compares but here is 440 in the black. After a decent about of work up to it.


The judges will not let you beat the ed coan record. They will activate the magnets in the floor before you lift


I think I may stay 198 class until I can smoke that record or who ever had it at that point. But I’ll say high 700s are no joke.


Juice up to the max and go after Nasonov’s 400kg/881 lb at 181 in the WRPF where there’s no magnets and big as bumper plates.


Lol not worth it to me at least for now. I also personally think that’s a bullshit record using those huge plates.


465x8 squat. should’ve pushed it to 9-10.


Increased my pulling so felt a bit tired. Walked away with a lifetime conventional pr though. Started with paused sumo with top sets of 595x4, 645x4, 665x2 then high bar squats beltless 405x6, belted 455x3. Still managed to pull a slow but smooth single with 635. No doubt on a strong day 650-660 conventional is there.


Dusted off the 150s and pressed them for a few reps. Feeling good


Tweaked my back a little warming up squats the other day so shut down and left. I think this is the first time I’ve stopped lol. Backs feeling better now. Benched pretty solid today. Almost went for 405 but 375 moved a bit slow so bumped to 395 for a single. Dropped to 315 for 6 paused then 7 tng. Best ever tng is 8 and I could’ve probably hit 9 without the paused set, 7th wasn’t that slow but arms started burning up. I hate reps.