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1800+ Raw Total And 800+ Deadlift Drug Free 181 Class


My conventional has direct carryover to my sumo. I train conventional 80% of the time and then work in sumo here and there (other than the last few months while I was prepping/peaking for my first PL meet when I did a lot more sumo). Sumo seems to really beat up my hips, so I can’t do much volume with that lift unfortunately. Managed to pull 672lbs sumo at my competition a couple weeks ago and my conventional PR sits at 605lbs at the moment (although haven’t tested it in the better part of a year).

How do your hips feel with sumo? Do you have to do much mobility/rehab work to stay healthy?


Hips have never been a problem. Kind of wondering if conventional will help my squat cause i fold over which will then help my sumo. Candito mentioned it might not help directly because I pull with a fairly vertical back


I’ll never do conventional instead of sumo but am going to pull it once a week and see what happens


Will update today’s session tonight or tomorrow, possible date picked Oct 6 in Allentown PA


Yesterday’s update

Db press
70s x10, 80s x10, 95s x10, 115s x10, 140s x7

Pullups 3 sets of 15

Dips with 45s
0x10, 1x10, 2x10, 3x8

Barbell row
135x10, 185x10, 225x10

Db shoulder press
40,45,50,55 x12

Incline close grip bench
135x5, 155x5, 175x5, 195x5, 225x5

Close grip machine rows


Squatted today one of my better days thought I was tired and my back was beat up. I think I just pushed myself harder. Very close to a rep pr but with no spotter decided against it.

135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 405x1, 455x8(tied best) 485x3, 415x7- was going for 8-10 definitely there but my buddy was messing with the clips and the 7th rep came up crooked on the right and I thought the weights were about to slide off so I racked it early. This gym has garbage clips half of them don’t stay in place.

Leg extensions and curls

Pullups 3 sets of 12




Bodyweight. Had to redo it cause didn’t know if it replied then type this so it won’t say is too similar to the last


It’s worth trying as long as it doesn’t take away from your squat and sumo dl. However, I would think that doing rep work would probably help more than heavy singles.


It’ll take some rep work getting there. I’m going to see what happens


Quite a few top sumo pullers (Dan Green, Chris Duffin, Cailer Woolam etc) seem to train their conventional quite a bit, so I expect there is a decent benefit to it.

If pulling from the floor troubles your back RDL may be a good alternative if you don’t already do them.


Surprisingly my back hasn’t been sore the last two times pulling conventional. Possibly cause I’m pulling 150lbs more sumo. But I was a bit shocked. I remembering it really killing my back


Lifting on my own tonight

135x3, 165x3, 195x3, 225x3, 255x3, 285x3, 315x3, 345x2, 355-paused single

Barbell row
135x8, 185x8, 225x8, 275x8, 315x5

Close grip bench
135x10, 185x10, 225x10, 275x6, 295x4

Pullups 3 sets of 12

Incline Db press
65s x12, 75s x12, 85s x12, 110s x8

Close grip machine row
200x25, 250x15


Had a pretty good squat session today with a kid I met a few days ago. The other day I was hitting a single at 550 and he was in the next rack over doing 405x15. Got to talking and we squatted today. I came very close to an all time pr. Best ever is 475x7 I did 470x7 and really thought about an 8th. I’ve been pushing harder on my squat and it seems to be progressing. Also would like to add the conventionals I did definitely helped me figure out bracing which is helping for squat.

135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 405x1, 470x7, 415x10- paused the 10th rep and almost made a mistake cause it barely moved at first when I went to push. Then slowly got it.

Pullups 3 sets of 15

Leg curls, got to talking and never did the extensions


Didn’t go too crazy today. Did tie my best yellow Slingshot bench with the black one today and there’s definitely some room to improve there. Possibly 460-470 I could see on a good day with some practice with the black sling.

Bench (warm up for Slingshot)
135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x5

Black Slingshot
315x3, 345x3, 375x3, 405x1, 435x1, 315x11

Pullups 3 sets of 15

Db press
100s x20, 115s x13


Pulled a nice rep pr today and fairly smooth. Second reps lock out was quick and down but good enough for the gym. Also hit some good sets on high bar Squat for just getting back into it. Also the fact that I squatted just shy of a rep pr two days ago with a decent back off set means I should be good for more. This is the 3rd week switching to pulls one a week

155x5, 265x5, 375x3, 485x2, 595x1, 685x1, 740x2

High bar Squat
135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 405x8-had 10, 435x4-had 5 in me.

Conventional deadlift
135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 405x2, 495x2, 585x1

Pretty tired after this and called it a day.


Squatted today. Kept it on the easier side for the rest of the day.

High bar Squat
135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 405x1, 445x5, 465x2, 475x2

Leg curls and extensions

Pullups 3 sets of 10


Garbage 485x5 squat


I haven’t had much free time to update. I’ve still been hitting it daily. I may lose track of my lifting here but you can still see me on Instagram. Linked all over the thread. I’ll also still be around the forum seeing what’s new. Anyone interested make sure you follow. I believe I will be attempting a deadlift single around 785 in a week.


Squatted up to 415 for a set of 12 yesterday but was extremely tired going on.