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1800+ Raw Total And 800+ Deadlift Drug Free 181 Class


cummins all day.


I was that way too till my buddy started talking about it. It would be so much easier to just slap a SC on a gas ram. I previously came from an 07 Cummins that a built up to run 12.2 @112.5 mph. The SC would literally be as much work as the Trans on a Cummins and the same price


damn thats fast, ive always been more attracted to diesel trucks. i was about to pull the trigger on a ram 2500 before i found out my wife was pregnant so we got a 4runner instead haha


Me too and after I got one I loved it so much I said I’d always go diesel. When I sold my old ram (to a buddy) I bought a newer passat tdi cause I had to drive an hour one way to work. So I at least have that in diesel just don’t know if I can justify a diesel ram. My mind is literally halls way in each


Going to switch to pulling once a week. Today was supposed to be a speed day but I missed the heavy day on Tuesday so figured I’d see how things go. Squatted up to 495 looking at the video it moved well but felt like shit. Pulled with standard gym 45s cause I was lazy. Pulled 675 which moved well and loaded 725 for a single. Pulled the single and it moved so well I hit it for a triple which is a 10 lb lifetime pr I believe.

135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 405x1, 495x2

135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 405x3, 495x2, 585x1, 675x1, 725x3

Conventional deadlift
135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 405x5, 495x8

Front squats
135x10, 185x10, 225x10, 275x8


I know I’ve never posted here, but I sometimes read your log, and I just have to say that is so fucking impressive lol


Thanks dude.


yesterday beat me up pretty good. Legs,upper and lower back were sore but got my mad dog Slingshot so had to try it out. Unfortunately was too beat up to put up anything good. Made an attempt at 440 and missed it. I’m sure with more practice and a fresh day that and more is there. Called it a day not long after that. Was up since 2 am also so that didn’t help.


Was hanging deer stands yesterday so hit squats today to loosen up the legs. Nothing crazy

135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 405x8, 455x5, 315x5-paused this set


Close grip bench
135x3, 165x3, 195x3, 225x3, 255x3, 285x3, 315x2, 345x2

Pullups 3 sets of 10

Db press
120s x12, 130s x10

Close grip machine rows
190x20, 230x15, 250x12


Been weighing in a bit light possibly sweating a lot in the heat as its been in the 90s 3 days in a row. Squats and some back today. I’m going to switch my pull day (switching to once a week) to Thursday I think and see how that works.

135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 405x1, 475x1, 525x1, 550x1

Paused squat
405x7, 315x12

Pullups 3 sets of 15

Close grip machine row
220x20, 250x10, 200x20

Think that was all. I got some poison ivy from hanging a tree stand, must’ve hugged a vine. So I’ve been wearing long sleeves to the gym and that shit sucks. Shirt was drenched before I hit the top single.


Damn, you must be a real nice guy. When it’s time for me to lift I’m not going anywhere unless someone is dying.

I’m guessing this is the squat that is 60-something away from the record. This is without wraps, correct? The way I look at it you might as well compete without wraps if wraps don’t make you more competitive in the same division. The exception would be if you are in a meet with a cash prize and there is no separate category for no wraps. There is no difference in prestige or honor between a wrapped or unwrapped squat record.


Yea though I’ve hit an easier 560 in the past.
This is the 550 https://instagram.com/p/BkQyBwUhi0F/
I am technically more competitive with wraps since i hit 567 with a little in the tank at my last meet.


Funny you say that. I was so tired that day I talked my buddy into going to look. He was going to cancel because he was tired. I said let’s check it out cause when we’re not tired well want to hit the gym lol


That was a solid squat. 567 with wraps doesn’t really sound more competitive though, with the right wraps and the right technique in them you should be able to get 50+ out of them. Otherwise you might as well stick with the sleeves, and there is nothing wrong with that either.


I remember seeing a video of you squatting in wraps and your hips were shooting back as you came out of the hole, I had the same issue when I started using wraps. Other than just getting practice in them, another exercise that I found to help a lot was dead squats. You would want to set it up so you start a couple inches below where the boost out of the hole wears off. I know I’m not exactly a shining example myself but Chad Wesley Smith said that he credits dead squats with taking him from a 800 squat to 900. There are other ways to do things but that looks like the most direct approach.


Id say I get a decent amount from them. A slow 550 in sleeves vs a 567 in wraps and I thought 580 was there on the day. That’s about where I was for each around that time. But also the sleeved and wrapped record are the same so might as sell use them. It was just upped a bit this last week to 1768 I believe


If that’s the case then there’s no reason not to, but I still think you could get way more out of the wraps if you really wanted to.

You said you have the black and red Inzers, I was at a seminar with Josh Bryant the other day and he told me he used to use the same wraps but in a meet he would use a brand new pair for each attempt, they stretch out easily. This was a while back, there are way stronger wraps now. I have a pair of Inzer wrist wraps made of the same material, those are softer and thinner than the Pioneer Guardian wraps that seem like nothing compared to the ones I’m using now. I’m not trying to sell you anything, all I’m saying is that you could squat quite a bit more in the right wraps without changing anything else.


pulled off a 1" deficit today. Normally I pull from 1.5" I believe. Smoked a 685 and hit a decent 705 with 10-20 left. Grip was slipping a bit and I’m thinking it’s due to someone using baby powder on their legs or something along those lines. Hit high bar squats a few sets them pr’d a triple conventional with some left surprisingly. Fresh today I think I could have pulled an all time pr around 635-640. Best to date is 625. Only my third time pulling conventional in 6-8 months

Sumo 1" deficit deadlift
155x5, 265x5, 375x3, 485x3, 595x3, 685x1, 705x1

High bar Squat
135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 405x5, 425x2, 435x1

Conventional deadlift
135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 495x2, 545x1, 585x3, 605x1

Anyone have some thoughts how my sumo may react if I were to get my conventional deadlift to 675-700 range? Guess it can’t hurt and as long as my lower back doesn’t get too beat up in going to find out.


If anything, bringing your conventional up can only help your sumo. I know Ben Pollack is an advocate of switching stances up. Could be a nice change of pace/surprise to help get some gains rolling in.