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1800+ Raw Total And 800+ Deadlift Drug Free 181 Class


Bench felt ok today. Not used to doing reps anymore.

135x3, 185x3, 225x3, 265x3, 295 for 6 sets of 5

Close grip machine rows
200x30, 240x16

Db press
120s x14,11

Light lat pull down

Close grip bench plus chains I believe 45 lbs for the set
135x3, 185x3, 225x3, 275x3


Heavy squat single today and speed work on dead. Bodyweight was 190 today.

135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 405x1, 495x1, 540x1, 425x9

245x3, 355x3, 465x2, 575x1, 645 for 6 singles about 50 seconds between singles

Ghr 2 sets of 10

Barbell row 135x10, 185x10, 235x6, 285x6, 335x4


I think I’m going to switch from banded bench to Beech with chains to keep the weight still pretty heavy on the chest. I have a set that’s 45lbs for the pair but I only use about 30 lbs of them. I may tie them up to get the full weight but haven’t yet.

Paused bench plus chains
135x3, 165x3, 195x3, 225x3, 255x3, 285x3, 315x3, 335x1, 350x1 225x10

Few lat pull downs

Db press
120s x10, 140x5- hands didn’t have any chalk on them and rotated and it was just bad.

Think I called it a day there. It’s been hard getting in the mood to lift when I come straight from class. Normally I watch my favorite parts of action movies while I sip preworkout. (Keep this a secret) huge advantage in the gym.


Been working on my house the last few days. Only benched with chains yesterday going to finish up some crazy stuff today.

Bench plus chains tng (from yesterday)
135x3, 165x3, 195x3, 225x3, 255x3, 285x3, 315x4, 335x2, 355x1 225x15


Finished up a little today. Bench, little lat pull downs and some light shoulder press.

Bench tng (starting at 315 - switched to solid pauses)
135x3, 185x3, 225x3, 275x3, 315x3, 340x2, 365x1- tempted to go 380 but had no spotter

365x1, 385x1, 405x1, 420x1- found spotter so loaded this.

Close grip
285x 5x5

Light lat pull downs and shoulder press
Them went to get some work done on my house.


Almost had a new 4 rep pr settled for 3 rep pr on deadlift. Close enough though that I am going to continue with what I have planned the next two weeks.

245x4, 355x3, 465x3, 575x1, 645x1, 715x3

Paused squat
135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 405x8, 435x5

Lat pull down
181 3 sets of 12

Ghr 3 sets of 10

Barbell row
135x5, 205x5, 275x5, 335x3


Unreal man. Nice work


Some bench today

Paused Bench (warm up for Slingshot)
135x3, 185x3, 225x3, 275x3

315x2, 365x2, 405x1, 425x1

Bench tng
300 6 sets of 5

Standing shoulder Db press cause seat was taken

Light dual cable rows and shoulder work

Db press
125s x9


Hit some paused squats and speed work for deadlifts. Weights felt a bit heavy but I was also in the other gym tonight. Used some other kids deadlift bar and he must not have liked that cause I’m pretty sure he took it with him when he left lol. My house is 5 minutes from this other gym so I may be switching once I move in unfortunately cause I like the gym I’m at now.

Paused squat
135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 405x1, 445x5

Deadlift (50 seconds between top singles)
225x5, 315x4, 405x3, 495x2, 585x1, 645 for 6 singles- I started wearing my DC’s for speed work for the slightly higher heal to make it a bit harder so normal pulling feels easier.

Hack squat (plates per side)
1x5, 2x5, 3x5, 4x5, 5x5

Pull ups 3 sets of 12

Barbell row
135x5, 205x5, 275x5, 305x5


Got some bench in after class tonight. I’ll be happy when my class is done. I have no motivation to go lift when I get out. Two weeks left.

Close grip bench
135x3, 165x3, 195x3, 225x3, 255x3, 290x5x5

Close grip machine rows
220x15, 260x15

Db shoulder press

Paused Bench plus chains
135x3, 185x3, 225x3, 275x3, 315x1

Db press
100s x19,14


Squats moved pretty good tonight. Made sure I found a straight bar this time. I think that really messed with my squat the other night. This is the other gym so nothing is in that great of condition.

135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 405x1, 495x4,
495x1-paused 405x5

Db row
100x10, 120x10, 140x10

Close grip machine row
190x15, 230x12


Weathers warming up and it’s been making my lifts feel better.

Paused Bench plus chains
135x3, 165x3, 195x3, 225x3, 255x3, 285x2, 315x2, 340x1, 360x1-tng

250 max reps no chains - 17

Pullups 3 sets of 15

Db shoulder press
40,45,50,55,60 x12

Weighing in low 190s drinking a lot of water and feeling full. Always lift better feeling full.