18 Yrs Old, Taking Peptides and Aromatase Inhibitor for Height?

I’m 18 years and 5’8 (my parents are 5’4 and 6 feet), I am considering taking GHRP-6 or CJC 1925 along with Arimidex to grow taller. The reason for taking both is that estrogen as I understand is responsible for closing your growth plates and by suppressing your bodies ability to produce estrogen you will in turn grow taller and by combining Arimidex with GHRP-6 or CJC 1925 I would be able to maximize my height potential by extending the time my growth plates are open and speed up the process of gaining that height by taking the peptide. I realize that I may be a little late and my growth plates may already be closed but I am a late bloomer and have been 5’8 since I was 15. I would love opinions on recommended doses and if what I will possibly do is even worth it.
Thanks in advance

Went to high school with a kid who should have had a long NHL career. When he was 13 he skated better than guys who were playing Tier II. Kid was just a talent. But he was 5’5” at age 15, and wasn’t showing signs of growing. His parents got him on HGH and anastrozole to see if he could get taller and have a shot at the pros. To this day he’s 5’5.

You’re going to remain 5’8”. I assure you nobody but you will ever care about your height so long as you’re a decent person who can make others laugh occasionally. Don’t fuck with your hormones in an effort to defy your genetics, it always has consequences, many of them unknown until years down the road.


Yea… 15 is a tad late

Had they gotten him on at 11-12 he probably would have been taller.

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You’re almost certainly too late. A simple hand X-ray will suffice to judge this. Please don’t tell me you’re about to take hormone inducing / reducing drugs and not willing to do the X-ray first.

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As others have said, it’s likely those growth plates have closed by now. I’m not sure if something like CJC would even be strong enough to create that kind of growth? Anyone have any evidence of that working?

I’m not a tall man. 5’7" at my tallest and now at 56 I’m probably 1/2" to 1" shorter. Would it be nice to be taller? Yeah, but around my 20’s I soon realized that I had a bigger brain than the tall dumbfucks giving me a hard time about my height. If you currently suffer from Short Man Syndrome (bully, loudmouth, braggart, or tough guy) drop that shit now.

Be man worthy of respect and you won’t have to worry about your height. My friends dont care how tall I am and anybody worth your time (women included) shouldnt care either. Distance yourself from anybody who continually refers to your height, they are just bullies in a different form.


I am 6’2.
But i was born in a shit country and i can only read about how people live somewhere where you can actually afford to get fat because you can buy all the food you want. I afford McDonalds once a week as a family party dinner.
Also in my life i have tried lots of stuff in which i wanted to excel - music, rubgy, bodybuilding, powerlifting, PC gaming(wanted to be the top guy in league of legends), fighting. Soon to realize that i cant do any of these good because i just have plain shit genetics for all of these things. I always gave 110% effort and got 20% back.
Yes, sure, when i had the Tinder phase, being tall and good looking was a little bonus, but then again - its not as big of a bonus as being wealthy, which im not. Also not as big of a bonus as being tall, good looking AND rich at the same time.
The only thing where height could be a plus is dating chicks at your 20s, and i really know how important that sounds at your age as i would have traded everything to get a few dozen asses more back then. But that period is short. You turn 30, you dont even remember most of them, and you really care only about a few you can remember and those usually were those who didnt care about such shit like - money or height.
What im trying to say is…
There are MANY more things that can suck in a persons life. Being just tall does not fix them.
Yes, there are some women who care about height. But there are equal amounts of women who care about mens hair, and mine started to evacuate when i was 20, so… some will like you, some will not.
And again - its only women. No one else gives a shit. If you wont do nothing in your life you might end up sleeping with a few dozen less because of your height. If thats whats you want, become a surgeon and be rich, and you will get more sex than any tall fuck like me ever did. If that is not what you want, then height is not a problem in anything in life nowdays.


Thank you, i really appreciate the words of confidence and advice

I have tried but medical professionals won’t give x-ray’s just to asses if your growth plates have closed

Thank you for the reply and advice

Tell them you had to punch a would-be burglar the other night and you suspect a boxer fracture.


Where are you from…?

South Africa

Ok I was gonna say… US based docs should have no problem prescribing an X-ray for this purpose. I had one when I was 18 for the same reason. I’m 5’7” and my lil bro is 5’11. Being short isn’t the greatest for a male but you’re not <5’6” where it’s real noticeable. FWIW it’s never held me back. I have a hot wife, successful business and nice life style. Not a brag, just telling you with the right attitude you will do fine in life.

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