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18 Yrs Old. Anavar Only First Cycle? Intro to My Life & Journey Into Anabolics

Hello, I’m 18 and going to dive into Anabolics in the next 1-2 years. I’ve been training consistently for 6 years, I’ve been doing research on Anabolics prior for the past year and will continue to do so before

starting my cycle to insure that I know everything that I possibly can. I’ve been thinking about what I could achieve with Anabolics, I’ve always wanted to take my physique to the most optimal level and look like a classic bodybuilder or at least resemble one ever since I started lifting. I was a very overweight kid and was bullied a lot and this made me very insecure which made me want to change in someway, once I got to the beginning of 7th grade I received a set of weights when I was 12 from my Father, he bought me a benchpress 80lbs max and 2 dumbbells, I started lifting everyday after this for the next year.

My workouts were comprised of mostly bodyweight, benchpress and dumbbell exercises, I also had a pull-up bar in my backyard… I had everything at my disposal to lose weight, during the year I started lifting I decided to jog every morning around my block, I was very dedicated to losing the weight, which I did. Once I got into grade 8 all my peers would always compliment and I could really see the changes I made. This really motivated me to want more.

My Mother’s boyfriend was a gym rat at its finest, I asked him the beginning of the year I entered grade 8, if he would train me. He is a really outgoing person and was ecstatic to train me he would always call me his prodigy and would tell me how I’m going to surpass him and everyone in the gym. This gave me the confidence and courage to step into the gym motivated as I was to explore every exercise and workout routine he had for me to try.

Once I began to learn and read a lot more about the importance of mind muscle connection and apply this to my routine & perfecting my form, I started to develop definition and muscle vascularity within a year of training, I was a totally different person. This is where I started to branch off and started to do my own thing, as we both had different philosophies on training.

My sisters boyfriend was a very intelligent person in nature and was into lifting himself, he also helped me with a lot of my nutrition during grade 8 and was very impressed with my consistency and discipline while eating clean as possible. I asked him to help me put together a workout schedule and this is what it consisted of:

Mon: Chest & Triceps

Tuesday: Legs & Shoulders

Wednesday: Back & Biceps

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Chest & Triceps

Saturday: Legs & Shoulders

Sunday: Back & Biceps

Once I had the foundation of my workout schedule sorted I began to see a lot of changes in my physique, I noticed in nature I put on muscle easily and was very strong, after another year of lifting which would put me at 13 I started to surpass my moms boyfriend in muscle size, definition and vascularity, though he was still stronger than me.

I began to follow my training schedule along with a healthy diet consisting of Oatmeal, Fish, Rice, Eggs, Beef, Potatoes, Veggies and one cheat meal, I ate very boring for 6 months and got very lean seeing visible abs weighing 165 lbs for the first time in my life. After this I began to just track calories in vs out and made sure to eat a lot of protein as it was getting very tiring staying to a strict diet for months on end like that at my age just to look good.

At 14 years old I started to notice an increase in my strength and was benching 225 for 5 - 8 reps. I was weighing around 185lbs, and was getting compliments from a lot of people in the gym including the staff that worked at the gym, I actually had a staff member come up to me while I was on the rowing machine and asked me “All natural right haha?” It’s things like this that really got to me and made me believe to this day that I must have potential in the bodybuilding lifestyle. I truly have a passion for improving and evolving my physique in whatever way possible, and personally this is all I have going for me. I’m now 18 and have been really intrigued with anabolics but I’ve learned to be a very patient person as I believe

“good things come to those who wait” and I’m not looking to rush anything as I believe this is a marathon and not a race. I’ve recently listened to a podcast that had Mike Israetel on and he was talking about how you should ease yourself into anabolics as some people don’t respond well to them, I’ve accepted this already.

He was also saying how you should start with something like Anavar for 4 weeks as this will have minimal suppression and little side effects and will introduce you into the world of anabolics, seeing how you will respond to anabolics as if you were to have paranoia on Anavar then it’s easier to wait a day for it to get out of your system and subside than to wait 1 month for Test E to get out of your system for the paranoia to subside, which is my biggest fear. I originally wanted to start on Test E until I listened to this podcast that I mentioned previously.

I was mainly coming on here to get anyones opinion on taking Anavar for your first cycle for something like 4 weeks for an introduction to anabolics and then going on Test E once I feel comfortable and milked as much gains I could from Anavar… I will post a blurred picture of my current physique, I’ve been for the past 2 years enjoying myself and not restricting myself yet, I believe I lost some muscle in the process of cutting while I was 14 which made me stop restricting and instead I started tracking Calories in vs out.

This is the whole reason for starting my cycle to retain muscle while losing fat, as this is impossible for a natural after 2 months of dieting you’ll naturally start to lose muscle. I don’t want this at all, I’ve worked too hard in the past years to get to my size to just lose it in a natural cut. Once again what are your opinions on Anavar for 4 weeks a few times a year in-order to maximize my gains, I live in Canada and health care isn’t really an issue as I can get everything here done under doctor supervision I believe.

I don’t want any lectures I’ve read enough of people getting lectured, just want peoples honest opinions.

This is without pump
5’ 11"
16% BF(at least my scale says that :smiley: )

Post a pic besides that of your arm.

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If you are going to take the plunge into AAS then do it for real and learn how to inject. You should start out with just Test. I would skip the whole anavar for a few weeks here and there, that is just going to fuck up your natural Test production. Really not worth it for just a 4 week cycle.

Dont think just because you live in Canada that they are going to supervise you while you run cycles. Do more research on these forums “First Cycle”

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That’s all that counts :stuck_out_tongue:
haha I’m kidding,

Thanks for the advice!

I really think waiting for as long as you can will serve you well. The more you accomplish natty, the more you learn about training.

You look big for 18. Be patient though. I’m 32 and on my first cycle. I want to total 1500 @ 220 (not that great, I know). Using test at 325/wk, and anavar starting in less than a week at 50/day.

Learn as much as you can. Stay on these forums. I learned for over a year before I took the plunge.


I appreciate that! thank you for replying

You look like you’ve got a big frame, pretty solid in general

16%BF looks about spot on, gotta say though… I don’t recommend gear for anyone (person needs to make their own informed decision regarding potential risks)… but anavar for 4 wks… literature demonstrates 15mg (or something) var for 3 days cuts testosterone production in half, it’s not nonsupressive… this myth came from the notion that low end medically prescribed doses (2.5-5mg/day) of which would probably be given to geriatric patients to help them regain adequate quality of life (say if bedridden/very frail, a little bit goes a long way) had minimal impact on HTPA functioning. There’s nothing magical about anavar, even with provision, about a 3% oral bioavailability constitutes minimal shutdown because you’d have to take SO much to induce shut down

You could say “but what about methyltrienolone”… mg/mg its so much more potent (and dangerous) than conventional anabolics that 100mcg is already the equivalent of several hundred milligrams of test weekly

I really enjoyed reading this, It was very informative.
Thank you for the reply.

Do you play any sports for your high school?

No. It wasn’t my thing, I preferred lifting instead.

Same, I tried tennis, soccer when I was young… never got into it. I don’t like organised sport, prefer to do my own thing… people also tend to become dicks over sport “I hate you because you play for this other team etc”… seriously?

Did karate for 7 years, boxing for 1… then dropped it altogether

Gonna get back into martial arts though, Krav Maga preferably.

That’s on point, I agree. I really couldn’t handle the ones who act real cocky in high school, those are the worst especially when they grow up acting like that. Though I was the biggest kid in my high school from up until I left, not trying to come off conceded just was the truth haha. The football coach couldn’t stand looking at me after I refused to play on his team, he also transferred me to a different gym teacher even though he was supposed to be my gym teacher for another year lmao… I hope you enjoy your Krav Maga classes, sounds like fun!

I believe the name of that video was “The Guide to Responsible Steroid Use”. Nobody would say that using gear at 19 falls under “responsible steroid use”.

That’s simply not true. Mighty Stu and other natural competitors have consistently used 16-week contest preps to get shredded with little, if any, muscle loss.

At 18 years old, it’s ridiculous to have steroid use anywhere on your radar. The fact that you’ve already spent the last year researching while still thinking you can’t diet for more than 8 weeks without losing muscle shows that you’re over-focusing on anabolics instead of learning about the fundamentals of effective training and nutrition.

Running a cycle at 19-20 is the very definition of rushing things. It’s unnecessary, irresponsible, short-sighted, and dangerous.


18 years old claiming 6 years of experience… bro you were 12


What I meant by this is, I started lifting at 12 then got to a real gym when I was 13, with a proper trainer and lifting routine. I wasn’t the average 12 yr old, I trained like a body builder from 13 years old to now. Which is about 5 years serious training and 1 year of figuring out how to lift properly, 6 years of training. I struggled with diet a lot as I didn’t want to lose muscle in the process of dieting, as I really restricted myself. . I’ve always felt older than I am, which really doesn’t help my situation any, though this is all a hypothetical topic keep in mind… I appreciate your negative comment. Thank you for replying.

It wasn’t a “negative” comment, it was an objective one. Most of your training life has been as a child - steroids are for adults. My suggestion is that you put in more training time as an adult.

If you “struggle with diet”, you have some prerequisite knowledge to address.

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I wouldn’t really consider his comment ‘negative’. More like bringing it into perspective for you comment. You mention you were not the average kid several times but at 18 you’re very much STILL a kid. I personally don’t see it necessary for someone so young to even be posting in this section of the forum but there are exceptions such as @unreal24278.

The Anavar idea is a bad one, but so is any avenue other than natural at your age. Regarding your stats its hard to tell what you look like from that pic. I would say you are well above 16% BF as you can’t see any definition in the pec, obliques, or abdominal area from the side. But then again its just a bad example if you are trying to show your physique. Don’t send a weird pic posing if you want any feedback. Direct shots with proper lighting are critical to sharing how you actually look.


I appreciate your opinion, though I don’t think “natural” is a term used in bodybuilding. I also don’t believe that you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time naturally unless you’re new to the gym and your body is highly responsive to put on muscle at that given time. Either way you’ll end up losing some muscle in the process of losing fat, and if that doesn’t happen which it will, then you’ll end up looking flat. There is no way around it other than Anabolics. You can’t convince me. Thank you for replying.

I appreciate your comment, I apologize for the shitty lighting and photo. This was a concern to me also, though I only have a shitty phone and bad lighting in my apartment. I’ll get a better picture for you as best as I can when I’m in the gym… Thank you for replying